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Indian Coast Guard Seized Banned Drug Pregab Capsules Worth Rs 66 Lakh In An Important Operation

Chennai, 12 December(City Times): Indian Coast Guard drug seizure: Indian Coast Guard drug seizure: The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has successfully intercepted and seized a significant consignment of Pregab 150 Mg capsules, a prescription drug commonly used for neuropathic pain relief. The operation, conducted in the Gulf of Mannar, thwarted the illegal transportation of these drugs by suspicious agents. The intelligence leading to this operation was provided by the Tamil Nadu Police Department, Ramanathapuram, signaling a potential trans-shipment of banned substances originating from the Vedalai seashore in the Gulf of Mannar.

Search Operation Commences

Acting on the intelligence input, an interception team from the Indian Coast Guard station Mandapam initiated a search operation at sea near the Vedalai shoreline during the early hours of December 12, 2023. The team’s keen surveillance paid off when they noticed an unlit boat navigating the area suspiciously.

Stealthy Interception Unfolds

The interception team, maintaining a stealthy approach, closed in on the suspicious boat. Upon reaching the vicinity, the team promptly issued a challenge to stop the boat. Faced with the impending interception, the crew of the suspicious boat, which was already in close proximity to the shoreline, hastily beached their vessel and fled the scene, leaving their illicit cargo behind in the cover of darkness.

Seizure of Contraband

The Indian Coast Guard successfully seized the suspicious boat and uncovered its illicit cargo – 13 cardboard boxes containing Pregab capsules (150 mg). The total quantity of capsules exceeded 6 lakh, with an estimated market value of Rs 66.0 lakhs (Rs Sixty-Six lakh only). The seizure not only prevented the illegal trafficking of potentially misused prescription drugs but also dealt a blow to the nefarious activities of those involved.

Indian Coast Guard drug seizure: Collaborative Enforcement

This operation exemplifies the seamless collaboration between law enforcement agencies, with the intelligence provided by the Tamil Nadu Police playing a crucial role. The Indian Coast Guard’s swift and strategic response ensured the successful interception and seizure of the illegal consignment, underscoring their commitment to maritime security and combating illicit activities in the region.

Preventing Potential Misuse

Pregab 150 Mg capsules, although intended for neuropathic pain relief, have the potential for misuse. The interception by the Indian Coast Guard not only curtails the illegal transportation of such substances but also contributes to preventing their potential misuse for purposes other than those prescribed.

The Indian Coast Guard’s decisive action in seizing the illegal drug consignment in the Gulf of Mannar reflects their dedication to safeguarding the nation’s maritime boundaries and preventing the illicit flow of substances that could pose a threat to public health and safety. This successful operation serves as a deterrent to those engaged in illegal activities in the region and reinforces the collaborative efforts to maintain the integrity of coastal security.

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