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Justice for Manisha: Manisha Chauhan Murder Case Tragedy Unveiled: 22 Year Old year Techie Killed upon learning About the Affair Of His Sister In Law’s Extra Marital Affair

Brother Along With Wife And Her Boyfriend Murdered Sister For Rs 4 Crore Ancestral Property; Dispute Where Family Betrayal is Clearly Visible

Explore the heart-wrenching tale of Manisha Chauhan, a Noida techie, betrayed by her family in a property dispute. Unravel the shocking details of the Mini murder mystery Noida.

New Delhi, 10 November(City Times):Justice for Manisha: Manisha Chauhan With Nickname Mini, a 22-year-old resident of Noida’s Sadarpur area, met a tragic end, shrouded in a property dispute that led to a horrifying act of betrayal. Her life, marked by resilience and determination, took a dark turn after her father’s demise in 2011, leaving her family with substantial property assets. Manisha, however, stood firm against her brother Vivek’s intentions to sell the family property. Despite facing challenges, she excelled in her career at a private tech firm in Sector 57, Noida, showcasing her tenacity in the face of adversity.

Who was Manisha Chauhan aka Mini, Why Manisha was Killed

Manisha Chauhan was a 22-year-old resident of Sadarpur village in Noida, known for her determination and indomitable spirit. After the untimely demise of her father in 2011, Manisha became the focal point of a family dispute over valuable property worth crores. Despite facing challenges and mistreatment from her family, she excelled in her career at a private tech firm in Sector 57, Noida.

Manisha’s life took a tragic turn as she became a victim of familial betrayal and violence related to a property dispute. She resisted her brother Vivek’s intentions to sell the family property, and her opposition to this decision became a point of contention within the family. Her story is characterized by resilience, courage, and the pursuit of justice amid difficult circumstances.

Noida Techie Murder: Know Who Killed Manisha Chauhan and Why

The heart-wrenching tale of Manisha’s demise unfolded within the walls of her own home, driven by a property dispute. Her brother Vivek and his wife Shikha were determined to sell the family property, in which Manisha held an equal share. However, her refusal to sign the transaction papers became the catalyst for a series of tragic events. Shikha, in an attempt to cover up her own infidelity, falsely accused Manisha of having an affair, adding a sinister layer to the unfolding drama.

Video By: City Times Video Desk

Manisha’s family, comprising her mother, brother, and sister-in-law, subjected her to physical and emotional abuse, pressuring her to sign the property papers. The harrowing ordeal included denial of basic necessities, with Manisha enduring hunger, yet maintaining a caring smile as she confided in her friends.

Manisha was excelling in her career

Despite facing adversity, Manisha stood strong, excelling in her career at a private tech firm in Sector 57, Noida. However, her family dynamics became strained as her brother, Vivek, aimed to sell the family property against Manisha’s strong opposition. This discord set the stage for a tragedy fuelled by familial greed.

The Tragic Night When Manisha Chauhan Killed By Brother In Noida

On the fateful night of November 1, 20-year-old Manisha met a horrifying end within the confines of her Noida home. Her brother, sister-in-law, and her sister-in-law’s boyfriend allegedly conspired to murder her after she refused to sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for property transactions worth Rs 5 crore with the Noida Authority. The trio strangled Manisha, ending her life tragically.

New Revelations In Mini Murder Case

In a shocking turn of events, new revelations surfaced in the Mini murder case or Manisha Murder Noida. New Revelations In Mini Murder Case: Police investigations unveiled the involvement of Manisha’s elder brother in the heinous crime, alongside her sister-in-law and her lover. Allegedly, the trio conspired to murder Manisha for refusing to sign a No Objection Certificate (NOC) related to plots valued at Rs 5 crore from the Noida Authority. The chilling act unfolded on the night of November 1, as all three perpetrators strangled Manisha to death.

The discovery of Manisha’s half-burned body in Sisana village, Baghpat district, triggered a chain of events leading to the identification of the victim and the arrest of the brother and sister-in-law. The intricate web of deceit and betrayal began to unravel, exposing the horrifying details of the crime. Noida Manisha case is an example of heinous crime where blood relations betrayed an innocent girl.

Manisha Chauhan Murder Mystery And Love Affair Twist In Noida Manisha case

Further investigations shed light on a love affair between Shikha, Manisha’s sister-in-law, and a man named Pawan. Manisha, upon learning about the affair, shared the information with her brother, who seemingly prioritized property over his wife’s infidelity. The sister-in-law, instigated by her own guilt, conspired with her lover to eliminate Manisha, viewing her as an obstacle in their path.

CCTV footage played a crucial role in piecing together the sequence of events, leading the police to trace the car used in the crime. The revelation of Manisha’s awareness of the extramarital affair added a tragic dimension to the motive behind her murder.

Manisha Baghpat News a Shocker: A Brother’s Greed Unleashed

The heinous act was driven by the greed for property worth crores and a desire to eliminate Manisha as a hindrance to the illicit relationship. The tragedy unfolded on the night of November 1 at Manisha’s residence in Noida. Her brother, sister-in-law, and their accomplice allegedly strangled her with a scarf, later transporting her body to Baghpat, where it was burned to conceal her identity.

Additional SP (Baghpat) Manish Kumar Mishra revealed that Manisha’s brother, Vivek Chauhan, aimed to sell the family property after their father’s death in 2011. However, Manisha vehemently opposed the idea, leading to a fatal confrontation on that fateful night.

Noida Techie Murder: Unravelling the Video Testimony

In a chilling revelation, friends of Manisha shared a video on Instagram, narrating her tragic story. The video depicted Manisha as an independent, resilient woman who faced adversity alone after her father’s death. Despite her family’s mistreatment, she stood her ground against the forceful sale of the family property.

The narrative within the video provided insight into Manisha’s troubled familial relationships, her brother’s relentless pursuit of property, and her sister-in-law’s abusive behavior. Manisha’s discovery of the extramarital affair added fuel to the fire, resulting in a gruesome murder plotted by her own kin.

Manisha Murder Noida and Police’s Swift Action

The police swiftly responded to the unfolding tragedy, deploying four teams to investigate the burning of the girl’s body in Sisana village. Within 72 hours, the police achieved a breakthrough, tracing the car used in the crime and identifying the victim as Manisha of Sadarpur village in Noida. Police was also initially shocked when Dead Body Of Girl Found Burning In A Suitcase in Baghpat And Police Sent It For Post-Mortem. Police Firstly registered it as a blind murder case and started investigation.

What Happened in Manisha Chauhan Murder Case Investigation

The investigation exposed the love affair angle, with Manisha’s sister-in-law having an affair with Pawan. The revelation prompted a confession from the accused brother and sister-in-law, leading to their arrest. The arrest of Pawan followed an encounter where he sustained injuries.

Seeking Justice for Manisha

The tragic saga of Manisha Chauhan’s murder highlights the dark underbelly of familial betrayal and property disputes. The loss of a young life, brimming with potential, serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked greed and deceit within families.

Demand for Justice for Manisha Noida case Grows Louder

As the legal proceedings unfold, the quest for justice continues for Manisha, whose untimely demise exposes the fragility of familial bonds and the profound impact of property-related conflicts. The swift action by the police, guided by evidence from CCTV footage and diligent investigations, serves as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of justice for Manisha Chauhan.

Online petition for justice for Manisha Chauhan

In a powerful move to seek justice for Manisha Chauhan, an online petition on has garnered significant support. The petition, initiated by concerned individuals, aims to draw attention to the tragic circumstances surrounding Manisha’s untimely death and demands a thorough and transparent investigation. The petition, which has gained momentum with numerous signatures, urges authorities to expedite the legal proceedings and ensure that those responsible for the heinous crime face appropriate consequences. As the petition continues to attract support, it serves as a collective voice seeking justice for Manisha Chauhan and underscores the importance of community-driven efforts in holding accountable those involved in the tragic incident.

Police Investigation In Mini Murder Case and Revelations

The investigation unfolded as the police, led by Additional SP (Baghpat) Manish Kumar Mishra, delved into the case. A major breakthrough occurred when CCTV footage revealed a suspicious car linked to the crime. The investigation pointed towards Manisha’s brother and sister-in-law, who, during rigorous interrogation, confessed to the crime. The police discovered a sinister plot driven by familial greed and betrayal.

Manisha Chauhan Brother Arrested and Community Response

The police swiftly acted on the revelations, arresting Manisha’s brother and sister-in-law. The community, shocked by the betrayal, expressed its disbelief. The family’s greed-driven actions not only cost Manisha her life but shattered the trust and bonds within the community. The swift action of the police in solving the case within 72 hours was commendable but couldn’t reverse the irreparable loss.

Manisha case Noida News And Its Societal Reflection

Manisha Chauhan murder is a tragic reminder of how familial bonds can be strained and shattered by greed and betrayal. The incident highlights the need for empathy, understanding, and communication within families, especially during times of property disputes. The swift resolution of the case by law enforcement serves as a beacon of justice but cannot undo the profound impact on a family torn apart by its own dark secrets. As society reflects on this heart-wrenching tale, the hope is that it prompts discussions on family dynamics, mental health, and the consequences of unchecked avarice.

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