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Malti Chauhan Death: Tragic Tale Of A YouTuber, 2 Marriage, 1 Sensational Video And Shocking Demise

Malti Chauhan life took a tragic turn as she was found dead under suspicious circumstances at her in-laws’ house, prompting investigations

Malti Chauhan Viral Video: Malti chauhan family accused her husband, Vishnu Chauhan, of murder, citing marital strife, an extramarital affair, and harassment over dowry.

Malti Chauhan Viral Video : Malti’s father, Deepchand, has filed a complaint against his son-in-law, accusing him of murdering her. In his complaint, Deepchand said that day before her demise, Vishnu had picked up Malti from her maternal home and brought her to his house.

Lucknow, 25 November, (City Times): Malti Chauhan Viral Video: In a heart breaking turn of events, Malti Chauhan, a 30-year-old YouTuber from Uttar Pradesh, met an untimely demise under mysterious circumstances. Known for her unique ‘desi’ style videos, Malti gained fame on YouTube, amassing over 661 thousand followers. The tragic incident unfolded at her in-laws’ house in Kali Jagdishpur village, Sant Kabir Nagar town.

Malti Chauhan Viral Video: In the vast realm of YouTube content creators, Malti Chauhan stood out with her vibrant personality and unique content on the “Malti Chauhan Fun” channel. This article delves into her journey, the disturbing accusations of abuse, and the events leading to her untimely demise, aiming to approach this delicate topic with sensitivity.

Malti Chauhan YouTube Journey:

Malti Chauhan, a content creator par excellence, amassed a substantial following of over 650,000 subscribers with her distinct desi-style reels and engaging content. Her channel boasted an extensive catalogue of 24,000 videos, showcasing her commitment to entertaining her audience.

Malti Chauhan Death News: The Tragic Incident:

Discovered hanging at her residence on Thursday morning, Malti’s demise raises questions that demand answers. Her father, Deepchand, lodged a complaint against Vishnu Chauhan, her husband, alleging foul play. Vishnu, now under police scrutiny, had picked Malti up from her maternal home the day before her tragic end.

On the morning of November 23, the shocking discovery of Malti Chauhan’s lifeless body hanging in her Sant Kabir Nagar residence sent shockwaves through her community. This heart breaking news left her fans and loved ones devastated, grappling with the sudden loss.

Malti Chauhan Death Investigation Unfolds:

Following the incident, Malti Chauhan’s father, Deep Chand Chauhan, filed a complaint alleging premeditated homicide orchestrated by her in-laws due to unmet dowry demands. Prompt action from the authorities included dispatching a police team to the scene and conducting a post-mortem examination.

In response to the complaint, Vishnu Kumar and three relatives face charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Santosh Kumar Singh, affirmed a meticulous investigation into the troubled relationship between Malti and Vishnu, reassuring the public of a thorough examination of every aspect of the case.

Malti Chauhan Viral Video Accusations: Vishnu Roz Roz Marta Hai

Malti Chauhan’s video, “Vishnu Roz Roz Marta Hai,” revealed distressing details of domestic abuse inflicted by her husband. This poignant revelation added another layer of tragedy to her premature passing, emphasizing the urgent need to address issues of domestic abuse and dowry-related pressures.

Vishnu Raj Affair with Radhika

Family sources divulged details of a strained relationship, attributing it to Vishnu’s alleged extramarital affair with Radhika. Malti had openly accused her husband and in-laws of persistent dowry harassment. These family disputes escalated, leading to frequent conflicts between the estranged couple.

Malti Chauhan Affair With Arjun; Malti Chauhan second Marriage

Vishnu countered the accusations, claiming he had married Malti to her alleged lover, Arjun, a few months ago. According to Vishnu, after the marriage, Malti and Arjun began living separately. However, Malti’s recent video on her official YouTube channel contradicts this narrative, hinting at the complexity of the situation.

Who Was Malti Chauhan ?

Malti Chauhan, a 30-year-old YouTuber from Uttar Pradesh, was a vibrant content creator who gained substantial fame for her distinctive ‘desi’ style videos on YouTube. With a dedicated following of over 661 thousand subscribers, Malti’s engaging content showcased her unique personality and creativity. Her rise to prominence was swift, amassing an impressive catalogue of 24,000 videos that resonated with a wide audience.

Malti was not only known for her entertaining content but also for her collaborative efforts with her husband, Vishnu Chauhan, who shared her aspirations in the world of YouTube. Unfortunately, the joyous journey took a tragic turn as she was found lifeless under suspicious circumstances at her in-laws’ house, leaving her followers and the public grappling with the abrupt end to a promising digital career.

Remembering Malti Chauhan:

The loss of Malti Chauhan signifies a profound tragedy that has deeply affected her community and followers. Beyond her creative prowess, she will be remembered for the joy she brought to her audience. This tragedy calls for justice and underscores the importance of addressing domestic abuse and dowry-related challenges in society.

Malti Chauhan and Vishnu Raj: The YouTuber Couple

Married for approximately four years, Malti and Vishnu, both aspiring YouTubers, initially collaborated on videos for their joint channel. Sadly, as their relationship soured in recent months, accusations flew back and forth in public videos, exposing the intimate struggles they faced


Q: What was Malti Chauhan known for?

A: Malti Chauhan was popular for her “Malti Chauhan Fun” YouTube channel, where she created unique desi-style reels and captivating content.

Q: What allegations did Malti Chauhan make in her videos?

A: Malti Chauhan made distressing claims of ongoing physical abuse by her spouse and revealed the pressure she faced from her in-laws for dowry.

Q: How is the investigation proceeding?

A: The authorities are diligently considering the allegations made by Malti Chauhan’s father and have charged her husband and relatives under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the truth surrounding her tragic death.

Malti Chauhan’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by individuals dealing with domestic abuse and dowry-related issues. As her community mourns her loss, the call for justice echoes loudly, urging society to confront these pressing concerns.

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