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Manipur Violence : Opposition’s No-Confidence Vote Targets Modi’s Response to Manipur Violence

Indian Parliament Authorizes No-Confidence Vote against Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Manipur Violence)

Ethnic Clashes in Manipur Spark a Demand for Detailed Government Response

New Delhi, 26 July (City Times): (Manipur Violence) In a bold move to address concerns about the escalating ethnic clashes in Manipur state, an alliance of opposition parties in India’s parliament has been granted authorization for a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Despite the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) holding a clear majority in the lower house, the opposition aims to compel the Hindu nationalist leader to engage in a comprehensive discussion about the volatile situation in the northeastern state.

Ethnic Unrest in Manipur Sparks Controversy

The unrest in remote, BJP-ruled Manipur state has led to over 130 fatalities and displaced more than 60,000 people since early May. The opposition coalition seeks to trigger a parliamentary debate on this grave issue, demanding a detailed statement from Prime Minister Modi, who has been silent on the matter until recently. (Manipur Violence)

Parliamentary Speaker Approves the Motion

Lower house speaker, Om Birla, has approved the opposition’s motion, and the debate and vote on the no-confidence motion will be scheduled shortly. To initiate a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, at least 50 members must support it, and the opposition has met this criterion.

Opposition’s Call for Dialogue and Accountability

Raghav Chadha of the Aam Aadmi Party, a prominent member of the opposition coalition, emphasized that such critical parliamentary instruments are exercised to enable an extended discussion on significant issues. The main objective is to compel Prime Minister Modi to address the concerns raised by the people and members of parliament. (Manipur Violence)

Government’s Response and Demands for Accountability

Kodikunnil Suresh, a Congress legislator, accused Modi of ignoring the opposition’s longstanding demand for an appearance in parliament to address the Manipur violence. He urged the Prime Minister to take immediate action and address the burning issue that has gripped the small state of 3.2 million people. (Manipur Violence)

The Path Ahead and Government’s Accountability

As the government faces the no-confidence motion, it has offered a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah, who highlighted that internal security falls under his ministry’s purview. However, the opposition insists on hearing directly from the Prime Minister, given the severity of the situation in Manipur. (Manipur Violence)

Manipur’s Troubled Reality and its Impact on National Elections

The ongoing ethnic tensions in Manipur are being seen as both a security and political failure by Modi’s government. With national elections looming by May 2024, the government’s response to the Manipur crisis becomes a crucial factor in shaping public opinion. (Manipur Violence)

Prime Minister’s Recent Response to the Violence

Modi, who had remained silent about the violence until last week, finally addressed the nation, condemning the brutal assault and promising strict action against the perpetrators. However, opposition parties are adamant about obtaining a comprehensive statement from him in parliament.

Demand for Transparency and Accountability

Opposition parties have disrupted the monsoon session of parliament to demand a detailed statement from Modi on Manipur, followed by a thorough debate. The government must invest the time to answer questions and address the concerns about Manipur’s distressing situation.


As the no-confidence motion looms, Prime Minister Modi faces the challenge of providing a comprehensive response to the escalating violence in Manipur. The nation watches with keen interest as the parliament engages in critical dialogue, seeking accountability and decisive action to address the crisis that has deeply impacted the lives of the people in the region.

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