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Revolutionizing Cardiac Care: Non Surgical Mitral Valve Replacement Successfully Performed By Indian Railway’s Doctors

Mitral Valve Replacement by Railway Hospital Perambur by Non Surgical Process is A New Milestone In public Healthcare Of Country

This Is First Time In India That A Railway Or Any Government Operated Hospital Has Performed Such Intricate Surgery

Chennai, 03 November(City Times): Mitral Valve Replacement by Railway: Southern Railway Headquarters Hospital in Perambur, Chennai has achieved an extraordinary medical milestone by performing the country’s first high-risk, non-surgical mitral valve replacement in a government institution. This ground-breaking procedure, which is only the third of its kind in India and the first in a government healthcare facility, has not only saved a precious life but also set a new standard in cardiac care. In this article, we delve into the remarkable journey of this historic achievement, from the life-saving decision to the innovative procedure that has opened doors to hope for countless patients facing similar challenges.

The Critical Situation And Railway’s Doctors Effort

A 67-year-old female patient admitted to the Southern Railway Hospital faced a critical situation due to a malfunctioning mitral valve. Having previously undergone multiple procedures for a damaged mitral valve, the patient’s condition had deteriorated, resulting in weakness, breathlessness, and palpitations that made routine tasks impossible. Extensive examinations revealed severe damage to the mitral valve, warranting a life-saving decision.

Mitral Valve: A Vital Component

The mitral valve, an essential component of the heart’s intricate system, plays a crucial role in circulating life-sustaining blood throughout the body. Mitral valve disease is a global health concern, causing significant distress and, in severe cases, mortality. Traditionally, patients with a malfunctioning mitral valve undergo open-heart surgical procedures to replace the defective valve. However, subsequent replacements may pose substantial risks and challenges.

A Meticulous Decision and Innovative Procedure

In a life-saving decision, the hospital’s cardiology team, led by experts including Dr. S. SenthilKumar, Dr. P V Thanuja, Dr. NM Kumar, Dr. NR Ravishankar, Dr. V Anandkumar, and Dr. Shilma, alongside a team of dedicated nurses and paramedic staff, meticulously planned and executed the innovative procedure. This procedure, similar to an angiogram, accessed the damaged mitral valve through the artery in the groin area. The complex four-hour-long process involved precise cutting of the old valve leaflet using wires and immediate replacement through another artery, all supported by an IABP (Intra-aortic balloon pump).

Mitral Valve Replacement by Railway: Significance of the Achievement

The Southern Railway Hospital’s achievement is not just a life-saving event; it signifies a significant leap in cardiac care, offering hope to numerous patients facing similar challenges. This historic breakthrough emphasizes the hospital’s role as a pioneer in innovative medical procedures.

Acknowledgment and Congratulations

The cardiology team’s outstanding achievement has received well-deserved recognition from key figures such as Dr. Ravindran, Principal Chief Medical Director, Southern Railway, Dr. Aniruddha Kirtanya, Principal Chief Medical Director, Railway Hospital, Perambur, Dr. S. Kalyani, Medical Director, Perambur Railway Hospital, as well as the Railway Paramedical and Nursing Staff, Railway Staff, and patients.

This achievement at the Southern Railway Headquarters Hospital in Perambur serves as a beacon of hope for patients with similar cardiac challenges and showcases the institution’s unwavering commitment to pioneering advanced medical procedures in India.

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