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Mohan Yadav New CM Of MP: A New Ground Level Face & 3 Time MLA To Lead Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal, 11 December(City Times): Mohan Yadav New CM Of MP: Amidst heightened anticipation, the fate of Madhya Pradesh’s leadership is set to be unveiled following the BJP MLA meet. Speculations surrounding figures like Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Jyotiraditya Scindia will find resolution as the party converges to announce its new Chief Minister.

Appointment of Observers:

The BJP high command strategically designated Manohar Lal Khattar, Dr. K Laxman, and Asha Lakra as observers with the crucial responsibility of selecting the most fitting candidate for the esteemed position.

BJP Legislature Party Meeting:

Convening on Monday, the legislature party meeting resonated with the unanimous approval of Mohan Yadav as the Chief Minister. This announcement conclusively ends the suspense that lingered post the assembly election results.

MP Deputy Chief Ministers’ Prospects:

Insider sources suggest the possibility of two Deputy Chief Ministers, with Jagdish Deora and Rajesh Shukla emerging as prominent names. Jagdish Deora represents Malhargarh, while Rajesh Shukla hails from Bijawar.

Narendra Singh Tomar as Speaker :

Adding another layer to the leadership structure, Narendra Singh Tomar is bestowed with the crucial responsibility of the Speaker.

Mohan Yadav New CM Of MP: Key Highlights of the Meeting:

The BJP’s resounding victory in the November 17 assembly elections secured a staggering 163 seats, compared to Congress’s 66.

Post-Election Suspense :

The aftermath of the electoral triumph generated widespread curiosity about the state’s next Chief Minister. Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s public interactions and the unexpected resignations of BJP MPs added an intriguing element.

Mohan Yadav’s Selection

Putting an end to weeks of speculations and conjectures, Mohan Yadav’s election as the Chief Minister marks a decisive moment in the state’s political landscape.


Mohan Yadav’s ascendancy to the position of Chief Minister brings a conclusion to the suspense surrounding Madhya Pradesh’s leadership. The roles of Deputy Chief Ministers and the Speaker further shape the political narrative. Stay tuned for in-depth coverage as the leadership transition unfolds.
As the BJP MLA meet unfolds in Madhya Pradesh, the air is thick with anticipation. The announcement of the new Chief Minister, whether a seasoned leader or a fresh face, will shape the political landscape of the state. Stay tuned for real-time updates on this significant political development.

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