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National Cinema Day 2023: Enjoy a Movie for Just Rs 99! Know key $ Interesting Facts About This Special Day

National Cinema Day 2023 brings movie enthusiasts in India a delightful surprise with movie tickets available for just Rs 99. Multiplexes aim to celebrate the big screen’s magic and counteract competition from OTT platforms. Book online or at participating cinemas.

Mumbai, 13 October (City Times Entertainment Desk): National Cinema Day, celebrated on October 13 across India, brings exciting news for movie enthusiasts. The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) and cinemas all over the country have decided to offer movie tickets for as low as Rs 99. This move aims to provide easier access to films and acknowledges the profitable year multiplexes have had.

You can book these discounted movie tickets online or purchase them at the cinema. Film discounts Booking online is simple; you can do it through platforms like BookMyShow, Paytm, or the official websites of the participating multiplexes. Details about ticket offers and food & beverage deals will be available at the theatres, on their social media channels, or on their websites.

National Cinema Day: A Special Day For Audience

This year, on October 13, National Cinema Day takes the spotlight. In the previous year, over 6.5 million people flocked to cinemas on September 23 to celebrate the triumphant reopening of theatres, marking it as the highest-attended day in the Indian cinema experience

MAI President Kamal Gianchandani expressed gratitude to the audiences, saying, “Audiences of all ages came together to celebrate this historic day at the cinemas. We are thankful to the 6.5 plus million moviegoers who attended their local cinema to purchase movie tickets, making September 23 the highest attended day of the year for the Indian cinema industry.”

National Cinema Day 2023: An Effort For The revival of theaters post Coronavirus pandemic

National Cinema Day is designed to commemorate the revival of theatres post the challenging period of the Coronavirus pandemic. The initiative to offer significant discounts on movie tickets on this day stems from the desire to encourage film enthusiasts to support theatre owners, who faced substantial losses during the pandemic.(Cinema Day history)

counteract the competition posed by the surge in OTT platforms

Another motivation behind National Cinema Day is to counteract the competition posed by the surge in OTT platforms, especially during the pandemic. It serves as an endeavour by theatre owners to rekindle the magic of the big screen and celebrate the success of ongoing blockbuster films such as “Jawan,” “OMG 2,” and “Gadar 2,” which played a vital role in luring audiences back to theatres.

National Cinema Day 2023: Excitement Surrounding Rs 99 Movie Tickets

Prominent multiplexes like PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, and Movie Time are gearing up for National Cinema Day 2023. On this special day, you can purchase movie tickets at the incredible price of just Rs 99, marking the date – October 13.

This unique offer aims to encourage more people to experience the joy of watching movies in theatres. Over 4,000 theatres have confirmed their participation, according to the Multiplex Association of India (MAI).

Keep in mind that this offer is available for popular Bollywood films of the year, such as “Jawan.” However, please note that the Rs 99 offer is not applicable to premium formats like IMAX, 4DX, or recliner seats.

Booking Your Rs 99 Ticket: A Simple Guide

If you’re excited to grab a Rs 99 ticket on National Cinema Day, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of your preferred cinema chain (e.g., BookMyShow).(book tickets online)
  2. Select your city.
  3. Navigate to the National Cinema Day promotion.
  4. Browse the available movie tickets priced at Rs 99 across India.
  5. Pick your preferred date and time slot.
  6. Complete the payment, and you’re all set for an affordable cinematic experience.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to enjoy a movie on the big screen without breaking the bank. National Cinema Day 2023 promises to be a delightful treat for all movie lovers.

Date of National Cinema DaySignificanceActivities
2022Inaugural celebration of National Cinema Day by Multiplex Association of India (MAI).Discounts on movie tickets, promotion of cinema-going.
September 23, 2022First observed National Cinema Day. Over 6.5 million people attended cinemas.Special screenings, events, and discounts on tickets.
2023National Cinema Day will be observed on October 13.Special movie screenings, tickets at Rs. 99, engagement with the film industry.
Ongoing InitiativesAims to rejuvenate cinema post-pandemic, provide affordable cinema experience.Offers and discounts on movie tickets, interaction with film industry professionals.

This table format summarizes the key details of National Cinema Day, its significance, and the activities associated with it for different years.

Inception of National Cinema Day in 2022

National Cinema Day was officially declared in 2022 by the Multiplex Association of India (MAI). The day was introduced to celebrate the reopening of movie theaters following the challenging period of the Coronavirus pandemic. Initially, September 16th was chosen as the date for this event, but it was later shifted to September 23rd. In 2023, National Cinema Day is set to be observed on October 13, as per MAI’s announcement. This day has quickly gained significance in the Indian film industry

National Cinema Day 2023: A Century-Long Journey of Indian Cinema

The history of Indian cinema is a rich tapestry that spans over a century. It began with the Lumière Brothers’ arrival in India in 1896, showcasing six silent short films, including a documentary on life in India. This marked the inception of India’s cinematic journey. The first Indian-produced film, “Raja Harishchandra,” directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, was released in 1913. It was a silent film that recounted the story of a legendary king from Hindu mythology. This marked the beginning of India’s indigenous film industry.

National Cinema Day 2023: Milestones in Indian Cinema

Over the years, Indian cinema has achieved several milestones. The 1930s saw the advent of sound in Indian films, with “Alam Ara” becoming the first Indian talkie. The 1950s and 60s are often considered the Golden Age of Indian cinema, marked by classics like “Mother India” and “Mughal-e-Azam.” In the 1970s, the “angry young man” persona, epitomized by Amitabh Bachchan, became a cultural icon. The 1990s brought about a transformation in storytelling and filmmaking, with the advent of Bollywood’s global appeal.

Indian Cinema Today: A Global Powerhouse

Today, Indian cinema stands as one of the world’s largest film industries, producing a staggering number of films annually across various languages. The industry boasts a diverse range of genres and has garnered international acclaim with films like “Lagaan” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” Indian actors, directors, and technicians have achieved recognition on the global stage. The Oscars have also acknowledged Indian cinema with films like “Gandhi,” “Slumdog Millionaire,” and “Bhanu Athaiya” winning Academy Awards. Indian cinema continues to evolve, showcasing its cultural richness and contributing significantly to the world of filmmaking.

The Significance of National Cinema Day

The importance of National Cinema Day lies in its multiple facets. Firstly, it serves as a significant gesture of solidarity with the cinema industry and an opportunity for the general public to engage in the cinematic experience once more. The discounts offered on film tickets enable movie enthusiasts to actively support cinema owners, who faced substantial losses during the pandemic. By marking this day, the theater industry strives to rekindle the allure of the big screen, especially in the face of growing competition from online streaming platforms, which have thrived during the pandemic.

Reviving the Charm of Movie Theatres

National Cinema Day plays a pivotal role in rekindling the charm of movie theatres and encouraging people to return to the traditional cinema setting. Blockbuster films like “Jawan,” “OMG 2,” and “Gadar 2” have contributed significantly to attracting audiences back to theatres. The day offers a low-cost entry point for audiences to enjoy these popular films in theatres, enhancing the overall movie-going experience. It’s a timely reminder that the cinema remains a unique and irreplaceable form of entertainment, even in the digital age. National Cinema Day, therefore, holds a vital place in the cultural calendar, reigniting the magic of the silver screen and promoting the enjoyment of movies in theatres.

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