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Nikhil Gupta Case: Allegations of Irregularities, Violation of Rights, and a Foiled Assassination Plot

Arrest Controversy: Nikhil Gupta’s arrest in Czech, lacking a formal warrant, raises procedural irregularities.

Nikhil Gupta petition to the SC: Foiled Assassination Plot: The US Justice Department charged Nikhil Gupta for his role in a foiled plot to assassinate a US citizen of Indian origin (India’s Designated Khalistani Terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun Terrorist) in New York.

Religious and Human Rights Violations: The petition highlights disturbing claims of Nikhil Gupta forced to consume beef and pork during his detention in Czech Republic

Nikhil Gupta Arrest Controversy and Irregularities: Nikhil Gupta’s arrest in the Czech Republic, orchestrated by self-claimed US agents, raises concerns due to the absence of a formal arrest warrant and irregularities in the apprehension process.

New Delhi,15 December(City Times): In a twist of international intrigue, Nikhil Gupta, a 52-year-old Delhi-based businessman, finds himself at the center of a complex legal battle. Nikhil Gupta Arrested by Czech authorities on the request of the US, Gupta faces allegations of plotting to assassinate US-based Sikh separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun. However, the arrest has been shrouded in controversy, with claims of irregularities, rights violations, and a devout Hindu forced to consume beef.

Nikhil Gupta Arrest and Irregularities: Nikhil Gupta extradition Case

Nikhil Gupta’s petition to the Supreme Court of India challenges the circumstances surrounding his arrest. Gupta argues that the arrest lacked a formal warrant, raising questions about the legality of the apprehension. Notably, Gupta claims that the arrest was executed by individuals claiming to represent US interests, not local Czech authorities.

Violation of Fundamental Rights Of Nikhil Gupta

Gupta alleges serious violations of his fundamental rights during his detention. He asserts that he was denied consular access, the right to contact his family in India, and the freedom to seek legal representation. Furthermore, Gupta, a devout Hindu and vegetarian, contends that he was subjected to forced consumption of beef and pork, directly conflicting with his religious beliefs.

Nikhil Gupta Solitary Confinement and Denial of Rights

The petition highlights the petitioner’s 100-plus days in solitary confinement, emphasizing the lack of transparency in the legal process. Gupta’s claim of not being shown any arrest warrant during the initial detention raises concerns about due process. The denial of consular access and the right to communicate with family underscore the alleged violation of Gupta’s basic human rights.

Who is Nikhil Gupta?

Described as a law-abiding and peaceful citizen of India, Nikhil Gupta is a middle-class businessman residing in New Delhi with his family. His consultancy, dealing with excavation and import-export, paints a picture of a regular professional. However, Gupta’s life took an unexpected turn when he was charged by the US Justice Department in November. The charges revealed his alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate a US citizen of Indian origin in New York. This issue was prominently published in US Media.

Foiled Assassination Plot by Nikhil Gupta

According to the US Justice Department, Gupta was in contact with an Indian government employee regarding the assassination plot. The document disclosed that Gupta was implicated in international narcotics and weapons trafficking. Allegedly hiring a hitman for the job, Gupta’s plans unraveled when the hitman turned out to be an undercover cop, leading to the foiling of the assassination plot. Gupta was apprehended upon his arrival in the Czech Republic.

The petitioner’s detention in Prague and facing extradition to the United States has been marred by leaks of confidential information. Gupta argues that irresponsible reporting on his case poses an imminent threat to his life and well-being, both in the Czech Republic and to his family in Delhi, India.

The Nikhil Gupta case unfolds as a complex web of international legal battles, allegations of irregularities, and serious human rights violations. As the Supreme Court of India reviews Gupta’s petition, the world watches, awaiting clarity on the truth behind the arrest, the alleged forced consumption, and the foiled assassination plot. The intricacies of this case underline the delicate balance between justice, human rights, and the complexities of international law.

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