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NMDC Achieves Record-Breaking Production in November 2023

NMDC November 2023: NMDC achieves historic 6% growth, producing 3.83 MnT iron ore.

NMDC November 2023: Sales surge by 24.7%, marking a significant upswing over the previous year.

NMDC November 2023 :NMDC aims for a transformative shift, targeting over a quarter market share by 2030.

Hyderabad, 1 December (City Times): NMDC November 2023: In a remarkable display of strength, the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC), a mining giant, has achieved its best-ever November performance in company history. The production and sales figures for November 2023 showcase an impressive growth trajectory.

Record-Breaking Numbers:

NMDC produced a staggering 3.83 million metric tonnes (MnT) of iron ore and sold 3.79 MnT in November 2023 alone. This achievement represents a substantial 6% growth in production and a remarkable 24.7% increase in sales compared to the same period last year (CPLY).

Cumulative Achievements:

The cumulative iron ore production for NMDC has reached an unprecedented 27.31 MnT, while cumulative sales stand at 27.78 MnT up to November 2023. This marks a historic milestone for NMDC, recording the highest cumulative production and sales up to this point. In comparison to CPLY, cumulative production has surged by 17.11%, and sales have witnessed a remarkable growth of 23.55%.

Leadership’s Vision:

Shri Amitava Mukherjee, CMD (Additional Charge) of NMDC, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s exceptional performance. He stated, “NMDC’s consistent month-by-month achievements signal a future where the company spearheads a transformation in the mining sector. Our goal is not just a shift in volume but a paradigm shift in how we conduct business, aiming to secure more than a quarter of the domestic market share by 2030.”

Strategic Growth:

NMDC’s robust performance underscores its commitment to becoming a major player in the mining industry. The company’s strategic vision aligns with ambitious goals for the coming years, emphasizing both quantity and quality in their ore production.

NMDC’s outstanding November 2023 figures not only set a new benchmark for the company but also signal a positive trajectory for the mining sector in India. With a focus on sustainable growth and market dominance, NMDC continues to position itself as a key player in the nation’s economic landscape.

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