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OMG-2 Controversy: Can’t Watch With family, The subject of sex Education Inserted Between Lord Shiva, Devotee And Religion, Some Dialogues Of The Film Are Obscene And Ridiculous

OMG-2 Controversy: Exclusive Ground Report From Two Theatres Of Chennai

Chennai,19 August(City Times): OMG-2 Controversy: The film OMG-2, released two days ago, is a topic of discussion these days. This film has been kept in the category of adult film. Despite this, the film is flying the flag of success at the box office. Hindi movies are shown only on a few selected screens in Chennai, but despite this, a large number of people are reaching to watch this film.

Today we are bringing an Exclusive Ground Report of City Times and our associate Digital Hindi Digital Unit Dakshin Prakash in front of you.

Amid OMG-2 Controversy two of our correspondents tried to know the reaction of the people who went to watch the film with their families in two major theaters of the city. Along with this, both the cinema theaters saw the hustle and bustle. Also tried to know what is the condition of other films released with this film. Come on, let’s go to the cinema theatre.

It is the evening of 15th August, both our reporters are in holiday mood as it is a holiday in the office. They contact each other on the phone and talk about keeping an eye on every situation and say goodbye to each other and leave to see Akshay Kumar in the role of Shankar in OMG-2.(OMG-2 Controversy)

What Is The Situation in the cinema theatre?
Cinema Hall No. 1 (Outside Scene No. 1 Cinema Hall):

(We are not mentioning the names of multiplex service providers on the request of their representative).

People are seen thronging the theater after check-in in the premises. While couples and youths are being given entry in the theatre, the audience with children is being stopped. They are being told that they have made a mistake by buying this ticket for themselves as the film is an adult movie i.e. an A certified film. In which minor children are not allowed to enter. (OMG-2 Controversy)

Some husband and wife have arrived with their children less than three years old, they are also being told that you cannot go inside with the children.

There are also some couples whose children are slightly older i.e. between 7-8 years to 10-12 years, there is a lot of strictness regarding such children, they left their children outside the theater to watch some other movie. It is advised to take tickets. (OMG-2 Controversy)These visitors with small children were requesting the theater management staff to allow them to take their little ones, i.e. children less than three years old, inside.

Scene Number-2 (10 minutes after the start of the cinema):

Even after ten minutes of the start of the cinema, there is a good number of people outside the screen. Those who have come with older children are waiting outside. Some elderly people who have come with the family have left the theater and come out. Our reporter spoke to an elderly man who had just exited the theatre. (OMG-2 Controversy)

What happened? You are not enjoying the movie? The elders who were already looking a little annoyed flinched. This is a film, I have seen some scenes, they are very obscene, and don’t ask their dialogues – what are they talking about. The reporter asked, can’t watch the movie with the family, the old man said – can’t watch at all.

When he had to make such a film, then why did he show the hero as a god on the poster. It is also the fault of our children that they booked tickets for such a film.

Scene number-3 (inside the cinema theatre):

Inside the cinema theater there is just a crowd of youths and couples. Some people have been allowed by the theater management to take small children on humanitarian grounds. As the film progresses, the enthusiasm of the people also starts increasing. Along with the delivery of level less dialogues, the noise of the audience is heard in the theatre. (OMG-2 Controversy)

Some elders who were still sitting in the hope that the film would be somewhat normal in the future, their patience has also been answered, they have slowly come out of the theatre. Now, only those people left in the theaters, keeping in mind this film, are enjoying, listening to the satirical arguments going on in the film court regarding private parts and sex education.(OMG-2 Controversy)
scene number-4:
Along with OMG-2, two other films have turned up in huge numbers. The number of Hindi speaking and Tamil speaking people in the audience is almost equal. Hindi speaking audience is the audience that reached to watch Gadar-2 and OMG-2.

The viewers of Gadar-2 say that the film is very well made. Like the previous Gadar film, Sunny Deol has also acted in this film. Along with this, the songs and dialogues are also as good as in the first film. At the same time, there is enthusiasm in the audience about Rajinikanth’s film Jailor.In this multiplex, there is a huge crowd of people inside the theater showing Jailer.

Those who are not able to get tickets for OMG-2 and Gadar-2 and understand little bit of Tamil have reached to see this film in the name of Rajinikanth.(OMG-2 Controversy)

Second reporter Another theater in town:
Scene Number-1:
There is a huge crowd outside the theatre, but it is more or less the same situation here. The spectators who brought children are struggling to see the cinema somehow.Reporter asked a woman standing outside if you have come to see OMG-2, the woman said- yes, but my kids say they are arranging tickets for Gadar-2 or Rajinikanth’s film for me. My daughter has said that this film is not good. I was thinking that it would be a religious film but it is quite the opposite.

Scene Number-2
A person sitting outside the theater is busy in his mobile. He is scrolling again and again in the mobile with a cup of coffee in his hands. The reporter approached him and asked what happened, which movie have you come to see. The person replied- I wanted to watch Gadar-2, didn’t get ticket so decided to watch OMG-2, but this movie is not worth watching with family.(OMG-2 Controversy)

Scene Number-3
There is a counter at the ticket counter where people are standing around the ticketing staff. Most of these people are those who have OMG-2 tickets. The staff is asking them to talk one by one. People say that instead of this ticket, they should be given a ticket for another film. Some viewers are happy. (OMG-2 Controversy)

Conversation starts

The reporter now turns to the audience who has taken the ticket for the new movie in exchange for the old ticket from the staff, the conversation begins – Hi sir, very happy looking, yes brother, I had taken the ticket for OMG-2. Along with the wife and children, the children were not allowed inside the theatre.

Now tickets for Rajinikanth’s film Jailor have been received. Will watch the same movie. There are some people who have not got tickets for another film instead of OMG-2, they are looking dejected.(OMG-2 Controversy)
Scene Number-4
The reporter spoke to a staff member who was stopping visitors with children. Why are you blocking people? He replied- Sir OMG-2 is an A certified film. In which minor children cannot be allowed inside. We are doing this as per the rules of Tamil Nadu government.

  • It is not the fault of the online ticket booking company or the cinema theater management.(OMG-2 Controversy)
  • Before booking the film, the audience should keep in mind that which category the film belongs to.
  • Despite this, we are trying to avoid any inconvenience to the viewers. If the adjustment is possible, then we are also giving him the ticket for the second film.
  • If a government employee comes inside the theater to check and sees parents with children, they may also have to pay a fine.(OMG-2 Controversy)

What do cinema critics say?
Cinema critics believe that this film touches a very new subject. In our country, there should be a talk about secondary education. However, we are still not open enough to discuss this issue with the family. This is the reason why most of the people of our country would hesitate to watch this movie with family.

Although the family Which is open-minded, they have no problem with it. However, it is worth noting that a large section of our country is still uncomfortable talking openly on these sensitive issues and this film is vocal about the issue. In such a situation, it will not be easy for him to watch this film.

  • Some Dialogues And Scenes Which Causes controversy
    There is a scene in the film in which Akshay Kumar in the Role Of Lord Shankar says to. What is naked is true and what is true is beautiful. It is not easy to say this dialogue through the character of Lord Shiva. Has God defined truth in any scripture, Purana or Veda?

  • In a scene of the film, Pankaj Tripathi is arguing in the court on behalf of his son. They comment on the court. It shows disrespect to the Indian Judiciary. There are not one but many such scenes in the film where levelless sarcasm has been made about the Indian judiciary.

Sex Education Is Necessary But What Was The Need To Bring God in between:
In the present scenario there are many shortcomings in the society. Every day some or the other case of sexual exploitation of minors comes to the fore. In such a situation, it is necessary that we give sex education to our children.

It is also true that sex education should be given in the school itself. But one thing is understood that why religiously sensitive mediums like religion, temple and incarnation of Lord Shiva were used for the film to say so much.



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