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Opposition Voice Suppression: Adhir Ranjan Accuses Ruling Party of Deliberate Strategy Amid Lok Sabha Suspension

New Delhi, 12 August (City Times): Congress stalwart, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, lashed out on Saturday, characterizing the suspension of members from the Lok Sabha as a calculated maneuver orchestrated by the ruling party to stifle the vocal chords of the opposition, casting a shadow over the very fabric of parliamentary democracy.

The Congress MP, facing suspension himself for “deliberate and repeated misconduct,” boldly affirmed his potential recourse, suggesting the possibility of knocking on the doors of the Supreme Court for justice. The contentious suspension is now in the hands of the Privileges Committee, awaiting deliberation.

Speaking at a press briefing in New Delhi, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury highlighted how the opposition felt compelled to employ the final resort of lodging a no-confidence motion to elicit a response from the Prime Minister on the pressing Manipur issue.

The eminent Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha underscored the persistent efforts of the opposition to coax the prime minister into addressing the Manipur situation since the inception of the monsoon session on July 20. “However, as his presence remained elusive, we were compelled to explore alternative avenues,” Chowdhury pointedly remarked.

“In the midst of the prolonged uncertainty shrouding the no-confidence motion’s discourse, the BJP exhibited an undaunted surge, propelling an incessant cascade of legislative proposals down the corridors of governance.” This exclusive stratagem effectively curtailed the opposition’s ability to vociferously express its stance on a myriad of pivotal bills,” Chowdhury expressed with a touch of regret.

At the press conference, the Congress veteran was accompanied by the seasoned party leader, Pawan Khera, accentuating a united front against the perceived suppression.

Chowdhury seized the moment to critique Prime Minister Narendra Modi, specifically addressing his apparent aversion to the acronym I.N.D.I.A., which represents an alliance of opposition parties. The Congress leader’s words resonated with a sentiment of unity, emphasizing, “The distinction between India and Bharat holds no substantive difference.”

The no-confidence motion, put to a voice vote, met its defeat in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

In his response to the motion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared solidarity with Manipur, tweeting, “India stands with Manipur. The Prime Minister reasserted the parliamentary platform as a forum for constructive dialogue and inquiry, underlining the opposition’s responsibility to interrogate the government’s actions.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi took the lead in moving the resolution for Chowdhury’s suspension, citing his alleged disruptions during Prime Minister Modi’s addresses and debates. The resolution sailed through by means of a voice vote. This move ensued after Chowdhury’s contentious comments during the no-confidence motion debate triggered a wave of consternation within the treasury benches.

The Monsoon Session of Parliament, which spanned 17 sittings over 23 days from July 20, 2023, concluded with its adjournment sine die on Friday, marking a chapter of intense deliberation and debate on critical national issues. (Adhir Ranjan)

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