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Celebrating Hope and Courage: Paterson Cancer Center and CALF’s Rose Day, Every year on September 22nd

Paterson Cancer Center: Every year on September 22nd, the world comes together to celebrate “Rose Day” in memory of Melinda Rose, a symbol of hope and courage in the fight against cancer.

Chennai,24 September(City times): Paterson Cancer Center: Every year on September 22nd, the world comes together to celebrate “Rose Day” in memory of Melinda Rose, a symbol of hope and courage in the fight against cancer. In Chennai, the Paterson Cancer Center (PCC) and the Cancer Alleviation Foundation (CALF) organized a special Rose Day event that marked its 21st anniversary this year. This day was dedicated to honouring the resilience of cancer patients and spreading the message that cancer can be defeated.

Paterson Cancer Center: Melinda Rose’s Legacy: A Day of Love and Confidence

The name “Rose Day” is derived from Melinda Rose, a young girl whose bravery inspired millions. It is observed globally, but Paterson Cancer Center adds its unique touch to this event. The focus is on instilling self-confidence in cancer patients by reminding them that cancer is not invincible; it is curable.

Ambassadors Share Their Stories of Love and Care

The heart of the event lay in the stories shared by ambassadors—individuals who have triumphed over cancer. They recounted the love, care, and unwavering confidence they received from their loved ones and medical teams during their battles. These stories served as a beacon of hope for current cancer patients, reassuring them that they are not alone in their fight.

Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan’s Vision: A Cancer-Free Society

Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan, the Managing Director of Paterson Cancer Center, welcomed all attendees, setting the tone for an inspirational day. His vision, shared by the center, is to build a “Cancer-Free Society,” and events like Rose Day play a crucial role in spreading this message.

Supporting Cancer Patients: Health Insurance and More

Shri. K. Gurumurthy, the chief guest, inaugurated the Rose Day event. In his address, he emphasized the importance of faith in both the divine and medical experts. He stressed the significance of following medical advice, especially when battling illnesses like cancer, to achieve recovery.

Shri. Krishnaswamy Culli, Senior Vice President of HDFC BANK, highlighted the pivotal role of health insurance in safeguarding one’s health and finances. He unveiled a specialized health insurance package for cancer patients, underlining the commitment to supporting those in the fight against cancer.

Paterson Cancer Center: A Vision for a “Cancer Free Society”

Shri. Dr. Amal Raj I.P.S., Commissioner of Police, Tambarm, commended the dedication of the Paterson Cancer Center team led by Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan. He expressed his hopes that the center would continue to work towards the vision of a “Cancer Free Society,” a dream cherished by the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

A Grateful Conclusion and a Hopeful Future

Shri. PT Govindarajan, the Trustee of Cancer Alleviation Foundation (CALF), delivered the vote of thanks. Dignitaries distributed daily need kit bags to all patients, symbolizing the collective effort to provide support, care, and encouragement to cancer patients.

With over 200 participants, the 21st Cancer Patients Rose Day at Paterson Cancer Center was a resounding success, reminding us all that together, we can strive for a cancer-free future.

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