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PM Modi Addresses B20 Summit: Focus on Innovation and Global Partnerships

PM Modi Addresses B20 Summit: Emphasizing India’s Role in Building a Strong Global Supply Chain

New Delhi,27 August (City Times): PM Modi Addresses B20 Summit: In a pivotal address on the concluding day of the B20 Summit India 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged with an audience of influential business leaders in Delhi. Touching on a spectrum of vital subjects, PM Modi shed light on India’s integral role in forging a reliable and efficient global supply chain. He passionately urged business magnates to make customer care policies and the green credit approach central to their strategies, underlining India’s commitment to sustainable development.

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Mutual Trust: India’s Unique Contribution to the World

PM Modi Addresses B20 Summit: The Prime Minister underscored a distinctive aspect that India has offered to the global landscape after a century – the concept of “Mutual Trust.” Amid an environment of skepticism, PM Modi hailed India as a nation that stands firm with sensitivity, humility, and an unwavering flag of faith. This sentiment serves as a cornerstone of India’s approach to international relations.

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Inclusivity in Innovation: Bridging Divides Through Vision

PM Modi unveiled a powerful blend of innovation and inclusivity within the theme of the B20 Summit, encapsulated as “RAISE” – Resilience, Agility, Innovation, Sustainability, and Equity. Elaborating on the theme, he revealed that “I” not only represents innovation but also underscores the imperative of inclusivity. This vision was brought to life through India’s proactive move to include the African Union in the G20, showcasing India’s commitment to fostering collaboration across diverse nations.

ISRO and Indian Industry: Collaborative Success of Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Acknowledging the pivotal role of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and Indian industries in the triumph of the Chandrayaan-3 mission, PM Modi celebrated a harmonious partnership. He applauded ISRO’s contributions alongside private companies and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises), underlining how Indian industries have played a significant part in the mission’s achievement.

India’s Digital Revolution in Industry 4.0

With a touch of pride, PM Modi proclaimed that India has emerged as a flagbearer of the digital revolution in the epoch of Industry 4.0. He spotlighted India’s remarkable journey in embracing technological advancements, positioning the nation at the forefront of global transformation.

Balancing Interests for Sustainable Markets

PM Modi emphasized a key principle for sustained market growth – equilibrium between the interests of producers and consumers. He asserted that fostering a harmonious market requires treating other nations not solely as markets but as equal partners. This approach not only ensures balanced growth but also safeguards the long-term interests of all parties involved.

Focus on Green Energy

India’s commitment to green energy was a focal point in PM Modi’s discourse. He shared ambitions to replicate the success of solar energy in the green hydrogen sector. This vision aligns with India’s dedication to environmental sustainability and its pursuit of alternative energy sources.

Sustainability as an Opportunity and Business Model

Highlighting sustainability’s dual role as an opportunity and a business model, PM Modi spotlighted the UN’s recognition of millets as “superfoods.” He pointed to millets’ environment-friendly characteristics and their support for small farmers, exemplifying a win-win model that contributes to both health and economic prosperity.

B20 Summit: A Catalyst for Collective Transformation

Concluding his address, PM Modi expressed his conviction that the B20 Summit has charted a path toward collective transformation. He stressed that a globally connected world transcends mere technological links, encompassing shared objectives, planetary stewardship, prosperity, and securing a brighter and more interconnected future for all.

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