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PM Modi Emphasizes Education’s Crucial Role in Achieving Goals: Inaugurates Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam

The Prime Minister Commends National Education Policy 2020 Milestones and Unveils Plans for Educational Advancement (PM Modi)

New Delhi, July 29 (City Times) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi), in his address at the inauguration of the Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam at Bharat Mandapam in Delhi, highlighted the paramount significance of education in fulfilling the aspirations of 21st century India. The Prime Minister emphasized that education holds the power to transform the nation’s destiny and foster success.

Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, PM Narendra Modi praised the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in embracing new concepts and traditional knowledge alike. He underscored the need for dialogue and discussions, and recognized the Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam as a crucial platform for advancing education.

“With the implementation of NEP, we are moving towards a 5+3+3+4 system, where education will commence at the age of 3, bringing uniformity across the country,” stated PM Modi, elucidating the progressive changes in the education system.

The Prime Minister also revealed the Cabinet’s approval of the National Research Foundation Bill in Parliament, signaling further advancements in the field of education. The forthcoming National Curriculum Framework under NEP will facilitate a uniform syllabus across the nation, with NCERT actively preparing new course books.

One of the significant milestones of NEP is the inclusion of regional languages for education, with books on various subjects being translated into 22 languages for classes 3–12. PM Modi stressed that this initiative would empower students and enable their talents to flourish unhindered.

During the event, PM Narendra Modi disbursed the first installment of funds under the PM SHRI Scheme, providing financial aid to 6207 schools amounting to Rs 630 crore. Furthermore, education and skill curriculum books were released in 12 Indian languages, promoting inclusive and equitable learning.

Addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Modi reiterated that the education system plays a pivotal role in realizing the dreams of a modern and prosperous India. He lauded the country’s educational system for preserving its ancient traditions while propelling forward in science and technology.

“India’s educational journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and as we celebrate the momentous occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the National Education Policy, we stand in awe of the incredible progress we have accomplished,” stated Prime Minister Modi.

Highlighting the transformative elements of NEP 2020, the Prime Minister emphasized its focus on nurturing a new generation of learners who are adept at critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative approaches. He expressed optimism that NEP will pave the way for a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, capable of leading India to new heights of progress.

Furthermore, PM Narendra Modi emphasized the significance of inclusivity in the educational landscape, ensuring that no student is deprived of learning opportunities due to language barriers. By introducing regional languages for education and promoting subjects taught in Indian languages, the Prime Minister believes that students will gain confidence and explore their true potential.

“We have to create an energetic new generation in the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, and NEP will play a big role in this,” asserted PM Narendra Modi, envisioning a brilliant horizon awaits the youth of our nation, brimming with opportunities and possibilities.

The Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam, a two-day program held on July 29 and 30, is set to be a transformative event in the education sector. It aims to provide a dynamic platform for academics, policymakers, and education experts to share their insights, success stories, and best practices in implementing NEP 2020.

With sixteen sessions encompassing diverse themes, including Access to Quality Education and Governance, Equitable and Inclusive Education, Issues of Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups, National Institute Ranking Framework, Indian Knowledge System, and Internationalisation of Education, the event promises to bring together thought leaders and change-makers from across the country.

As the Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Samagam takes place, the nation looks forward to witnessing the collective effort towards transforming India’s education landscape, shaping a brighter and more prosperous future for the generations to come.

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