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PM Modi Mocks Opposition Alliance, Points Out Use of “INDIA” in Controversial Names

Opposition’s “INDIA” Alliance Faces PM Modi’s Mockery and Criticism

New Delhi, July 25 (City Times): Prime Minister Modi took a sharp swipe at the opposition alliance, which has chosen to name itself ‘INDIA,’ by drawing attention to the names used by certain controversial groups like the “Indian Mujahideen” and the “Indian People’s Front.”

During a meeting of the BJP’s Parliament Board on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi’s views were articulated by BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad, who emphasized that merely appending the word ‘INDIA’ to the name of an alliance does not automatically imbue it with patriotism. He went on to draw a historical parallel, stating that even the East India Company had exploited the name ‘INDIA’ for its own gain.

PM Modi expressed his disdain for the opposition coalition, labeling them as “directionless.” He pointed out that the very groups whose names include ‘India’ are far from being true representatives of the nation.

During a recent BJP’s Parliament Board meeting, a reliable source reported that PM Modi made an intriguing historical analogy, highlighting how the Britishers had once adopted the name ‘East India Company,’ while drawing a parallel to the present situation where the opposition is interestingly incorporating the term ‘India’ into its identity.

The BJP’s parliamentary party convened the meeting in response to the ongoing demands from the opposition for a discussion on the Manipur issue and a statement from Prime Minister Modi.

Ravi Shankar Prasad shared with the media outside the parliament that “PM Modi has stated that the Indian National Congress, like the East India Company, was founded by a foreign national.”

Mallikarjun Kharge, the leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, firmly opposed PM Modi’s statements, expressing his disappointment that the Prime Minister resorted to invoking the “East India Company” analogy instead of addressing the pressing concerns raised by the opposition regarding Manipur.

Kharge highlighted that multiple notices under Rule 267 had been submitted for the past four days, and reminded that even back in 2016, when BJP was in power, they had accepted the necessity for a discussion.

The Prime Minister, through Prasad, further conveyed that merely using the name ‘INDIA’ does not hold any significance and cautioned that the people cannot be misled solely based on the inclusion of the country’s name in an alliance’s title.

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