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PM Modi’s Vision 2047: Corruption-Free and Developed Nation, Said- Confident That India Will Emerge As A Developed Country by 2047

PM Modi’s Vision 2047: PM Modi emphasized that this future India will have no room for corruption, casteism, or communalism, setting a bold and transformative agenda for the nation.

New Delhi, 03 September(City Times): PM Modi’s Vision 2047: PM Modi In an exclusive interview with news agency PTI, Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined his vision for India as it approaches its 100th year of Independence. He firmly asserted that India will emerge as a developed nation by 2047, marking a momentous milestone in its history. Prime Minister Modi emphasized that this future India will have no room for corruption, casteism, or communalism, setting a bold and transformative agenda for the nation.

India’s Global Influence

Addressing the upcoming G20 summit to be held in New Delhi, Prime Minister Modi expressed how the world now looks to India for leadership and guidance. He underscored that India’s words and vision are no longer mere ideas but are seen globally as a roadmap for the future. The Prime Minister highlighted a significant shift in the world’s perspective, transitioning from a GDP-centric view to one cantered on humanity. In this transformation, India is playing a pivotal role, serving as a catalyst for change.

India’s Demographic Advantage

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged India’s greatest asset—the size and potential of its population. He emphasized that India’s demographic dividend, comprising one billion aspirational minds and two billion skilled hands, positions the country to achieve unprecedented growth in the coming decades. He remarked that India has evolved from being viewed solely as a large market to becoming an integral part of the solutions to global challenges.

Fiscal Responsibility and Freebie Culture

In a veiled critique of Opposition parties and their “freebie culture,” Prime Minister Modi cautioned against irresponsible financial policies and populism. He asserted that while such policies may yield short-term political gains, they extract a significant social and economic toll in the long run. This statement reaffirmed his commitment to responsible fiscal governance.

India’s Confidence on the Global Stage

Prime Minister Modi dispelled notions that previous governments lacked confidence in states outside Delhi to successfully host high-profile global events. He highlighted India’s role as the host of the G20 Presidency and its impact on instilling confidence in countries of the Global South. India’s G20 Presidency has underscored the potential of these nations in driving global growth in the years to come.

Promoting Inclusivity and Global Engagement

The Prime Minister emphasized that India’s domestic approach to addressing the most disadvantaged segments of society also guides its global engagement. He discussed India’s theme for the G20 Presidency, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which reflects India’s cultural ethos of inclusivity and a belief in a shared global community.

Diplomacy for Conflict Resolution

Responding to questions about India’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Prime Minister Modi reiterated the importance of dialogue and diplomacy in resolving conflicts. He emphasized that India supports every effort to ensure peace across the world, aligning with its commitment to peaceful diplomacy.

Climate Change and India’s Perspective

On the issue of climate change, Prime Minister Modi highlighted that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the fight against climate change. He affirmed India’s stance on encouraging developed countries to take greater responsibility in addressing this global challenge.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s vision for India paints a future free from corruption, casteism, and communalism, and one where the nation stands proudly as a developed country by its 100th year of Independence in 2047. His leadership aims to shape India’s role as a global leader and advocate for peace, inclusivity, and responsible governance.

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