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Rajasthan Assembly Election Result: BJP’s Victory and the Reappearance of ‘Lal Diary’, Congress Looses, 5 Points

Rajasthan Assembly Election Result: Rajasthan Assembly Election Result BJP Achieved Significant Victory.

Rajasthan Lal Diary pages Revelation Played Important Role In Congress Defeat In Assembly Election.

Jaipur, 03 November(City Times): Rajasthan Lal Diary pages Revelation: In the ongoing counting of votes for the Rajasthan Assembly Election, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has achieved a significant victory, crossing the majority mark of 100 seats out of the 200-seat assembly. The saffron wave has swept across Rajasthan, marking a substantial political shift in the state.

The Role of Lal Diary in BJP’s Victory

Amidst the unfolding victory of the BJP, the infamous ‘Lal Diary’ has once again emerged in the political discourse of Rajasthan. The red diary, whose pages were previously brought to light by Udaipurwati MLA Rajendra Gudha, has played a notable role in exposing alleged wrongdoings within the Congress government led by Ashok Gehlot.

The Pre-Election Unveiling of Lal Diary In Rajasthan

Before the Rajasthan elections, Rajendra Gudha, who had been dismissed from the cabinet of the Ashok Gehlot government, stirred up controversy by publicly revealing four pages of the alleged ‘Lal Diary.’ Gudha claimed that the diary contained details of ‘illegal transactions’ involving Gehlot and other leaders, sparking a heated political debate.

Contents of the Lal Diary

According to Gudha, the ‘Lal Diary’ contains accounts of transactions by MLAs, details about the BJP helicopter going empty, reasons behind BJP MLAs leaving their party’s barricades, and accounts related to the Rajasthan Cricket Association elections. The diary also delves into the controversial mining issue involving GR Khatana, a matter vehemently denied by Kunjilal Meena and Gaurav Goyal.

Origins and Controversy Surrounding Lal Diary

Gudha claimed that the ‘Lal Diary’ originated during an income tax raid at the house of Dharmendra Rathod, close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. During the political upheaval caused by Sachin Pilot’s rebellion, the diary allegedly detailed ‘illegal transactions’ involving high-profile individuals. The narrative suggests an attempt to shield the diaries from an income tax raid and the subsequent dramatic events involving police, Karni Sena workers, and a balcony escape with the diaries.

  1. Lal Diary Allegations: The Lal Diary, a source of political controversy in Rajasthan, contains allegations of illegal transactions involving Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and other leaders.
  2. Sachin Pilot’s Role: Pages from the diary suggest that Gehlot allegedly orchestrated a plan to monitor and record Sachin Pilot’s activities during the time of his rebellion against the Congress.
  3. Government Toppling Conspiracy: The diary reveals claims of a conspiracy to topple the state government, mentioning a flat in Gurgaon and Danish Abrar’s farm house in Mehrauli as locations under scrutiny.
  4. Additional Names Mentioned: Besides political figures, the diary allegedly mentions names of an advisor to CM Gehlot, an independent candidate, the head of a renowned company, the CEO of a media channel, and a woman journalist.
  5. Impact on Elections: The Lal Diary has resurfaced just before the Rajasthan Assembly Elections, creating a fresh stir in the political landscape and potentially influencing voters’ perceptions of the Gehlot government.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Response and Denials on Lal Diary

Despite the sensational claims made by Gudha and the emergence of new pages from the ‘Lal Diary,’ Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has consistently denied the allegations. Gehlot dismissed the accusations as false and attributed the ‘Lal Diary’ controversy to a conspiracy orchestrated by BJP leaders and a former Rajasthan minister.

Latest Revelations from Lal Diary

As the election dust settles, new pages from the ‘Lal Diary’ have resurfaced, bringing fresh revelations. The latest claims suggest that Gehlot orchestrated reconnaissance for Sachin Pilot to go to Delhi and orchestrated a plan to record Pilot’s activities in a flat in Gurgaon and at Danish Abrar’s farmhouse in Mehrauli.

Lal Diary Political Impact and Ongoing Developments

The rekindling of the ‘Lal Diary’ controversy has injected a new dimension into the post-election political scenario. The BJP’s victory, coupled with the lingering allegations from the diary, raises questions about the political landscape in Rajasthan and the challenges that lie ahead for the Congress party.

Story of the Lal Diary continues In Rajasthan

The saga of the ‘Lal Diary’ continues to unfold, adding layers of complexity to the political narrative in Rajasthan. As the BJP celebrates its triumph in the Assembly Election, the impact of the diary’s revelations on governance and public perception remains a subject of keen observation.

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