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“Rajasthan Rajendra Gudha Minister Dismissed After Controversial Remark on Crimes Against Women”

“CM Ashok Gehlot Takes Swift Action as Minister’s Remarks Spark Controversy Amidst Manipur Violence Outrage” (Rajendra gudha)

Jaipur, July 22 (City Times): In a surprising turn of events, a Rajasthan minister faced immediate dismissal from the Council of Ministers just hours after he raised concerns about crimes against women within his own government during a session in the state Assembly. The controversial remarks came to light while his colleagues from the Congress were discussing the sensitive Manipur violence issue.

The minister’s comments came soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his anguish and anger over a disturbing video that emerged from Manipur, showing two women being paraded naked. (Rajendra gudha)

In response to the unfolding discussion on the Rajasthan Minimum Income Guarantee Bill 2023, Congress MLAs brought up the topic of the violence in Manipur. However, Minister of State Rajendra Singh Gudha chose to focus on his own government’s shortcomings, calling for introspection rather than diverting attention to another state’s issues.

Following the controversial remarks, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot swiftly recommended Gudha’s dismissal to Governor Kalraj Mishra. The Governor accepted the recommendation, leading to Gudha’s immediate removal from his positions as Minister of State for Sainik Kalyan (Independent Charge), Home Guard and Civil Defence, Rural Development, and Panchayati Raj. (Rajendra gudha)

During the Assembly session, the BJP’s Leader of the Opposition, Rajendra Rathore, capitalized on Gudha’s comments to criticize the state government. Rathore cited Article 164(2) of the Constitution, which stresses collective responsibility within the government, implying that Gudha’s remarks reflected the government’s shortcomings.

The situation unfolded amidst the ongoing controversy between the Centre and the opposition regarding the violent incident in Manipur. The disturbing video of the two women paraded naked evoked nationwide shock and outrage, prompting Prime Minister Modi to assure the nation that the culprits would face severe consequences.

Moreover, PM Modi’s appeal to all Chief Ministers, regardless of political affiliations, to prioritize strengthening law and order, especially concerning women’s safety, resonated across the country. He emphasized the need to rise above political differences and unite against heinous crimes, addressing concerns not only in Manipur but also in Congress-ruled Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the Manipur incident, the spotlight has turned towards implementing stringent measures to ensure women’s safety and security, making it a collective responsibility of every state in the country.

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