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Husband Arrested for Murder of BJP Leader Sana Khan; Body Still Missing

Alleged Confession and Arrest in Connection to Sana Khan’s Disappearance

Nagpur, 12 August (City Times): In a significant development, Amit Sahu, the husband of missing BJP leader Sana Khan from Nagpur, has been taken into custody on suspicion of her murder. The incident, which has left the community in shock, unfolded in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The Nagpur Police’s diligent efforts led to the apprehension of Amit Sahu, who reportedly confessed to his involvement in the crime. Alongside another individual, he was arrested from Jabalpur’s Ghora Bazar area.

Search Continues for Victim’s Remains

While Amit Sahu’s confession has shed light on the unfortunate events surrounding Sana Khan’s disappearance, her body remains undiscovered. Authorities are actively searching for her remains in a river, as per the details shared by law enforcement. Despite the arrest and the admission of guilt, the lack of closure in terms of locating Sana Khan’s body has added to the complexity of the case. The ongoing search aims to bring closure to this tragic incident.

A Series of Distressing Events

The case takes a somber turn as the puzzle pieces start coming together. Sana Khan, known for her role in the BJP minority cell and her residency in Nagpur, went missing after her visit to Jabalpur. Her family’s efforts to trace her last known location led to Jabalpur, where she was scheduled to meet her husband. However, what should have been a routine encounter turned into a mysterious disappearance that left her family and the community bewildered.

The Nagpur police, dedicated to solving the case, apprehended Amit Sahu and another individual as part of the ongoing investigation. The journey to uncover the truth and provide justice continues as authorities remain resolute in their search for Sana Khan’s body.
Details Emerge on Murder of BJP Leader Sana Khan

In a tragic turn of events, Sana Khan, a Nagpur resident and BJP leader, met a grim fate at the hands of her husband. The heart-wrenching incident unfolded when her husband, identified as Amit Sahu, reportedly struck her with a stick inside their house. Subsequently, he allegedly discarded her lifeless body into a river within the district. The authorities, however, are still in search of her remains, which are yet to be recovered from the waterway.

Arrest Made and Chilling Confession:

Amit Sahu’s arrest took place in the Gorabazar area of Jabalpur. A shocking revelation emerged from the accused himself, as he admitted to taking his wife’s life by using a stick as a weapon within their residence. He then allegedly disposed of her body by casting it into the Hiran river from a bridge situated near Meregaon village under the jurisdiction of the Belkheda police station. This disturbing revelation was confirmed by Kamal Maurya, an additional superintendent of police.

Tragic Chain of Events:

The unfortunate sequence of events started on August 2 when Sana Khan arrived in Jabalpur from Nagpur. What should have been a routine visit quickly escalated into a distressing ordeal as she mysteriously disappeared. Despite her family’s best efforts to locate her in Jabalpur, her whereabouts remained shrouded in uncertainty.

These revelations came to light after the Maharashtra police initiated a case on August 1, indicating that her last known location was at a residence in Jabalpur. The police force’s team from Nagpur extended their search efforts to Jabalpur on August 4, confirming the intricate web of connections that led to this heart-rending incident.

Financial Dispute Unfolds:

As more details emerge, it’s been brought to light that the couple’s relationship was marred by long-standing financial disputes. The disagreement allegedly escalated to a heated argument when Sana visited Jabalpur to meet her husband. Reports indicate that the altercation took a tragic turn when Amit Sahu struck Sana Khan on the head, leading to her untimely demise.

In a chilling twist, the accused not only admitted to his crime but also disclosed the identity of an accomplice who was present during the incident. A search is currently underway to locate this individual, intensifying the ongoing investigation.

Sana Khan’s mother Mehrunisha filed a complaint on August 2 when her daughter went missing after her departure to Jabalpur. This tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the community and highlighted the need for addressing interpersonal conflicts in a peaceful and constructive manner.

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