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Southern Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day with Fervor

Southern Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day at the Railway Stadium in Perambur

Chennai, 15 August (City Times): Southern Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day: In a spirited celebration, Southern Railway(SR) marked India’s 77th Independence Day at the Railway Stadium in Perambur, Chennai, on August 15, 2023. R.N. Singh, the General Manager of SR, raised the National Flag amidst the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including G.M. Eswara Rao, Principal Chief Security Commissioner of RPF. This eventful day saw a parade by RPF contingents, including Women Platoons and the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, adding to the patriotic fervor.

The occasion was a vibrant display of unity and pride, with attendees representing various facets of the railway community and society.(Southern Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day)
Unity in Diversity: Diverse Dignitaries Gather
The event garnered the presence of distinguished guests including Kaushal Kishor, Additional General Manager, Principal Heads of Departments of Southern Railway, B. Viswanath Eerya, Divisional Railway Manager, Chennai, and Sonia Singh, President of Southern Railway Women’s Headquarters Organisation. Officers, staff, along with their family members, and representatives of Labor Unions and Associations of Southern Railway, contributed to the diverse gathering that marked the occasion.

Celebrating the Spirit of Railways in Nation Building
In an address that resonated with pride and patriotism, the General Manager highlighted the pivotal role of Indian Railways and its dedicated workforce in the nation-building endeavor. He underscored Indian Railways’ strides in providing modern, world-class stations, and its commitment to passenger convenience through innovations like the ultra-modern Vande Bharat trains and state-of-the-art rolling stock.

A Journey of Success: Southern Railway’s Performance
The General Manager lauded the commendable performance of SR in his keynote address. He outlined the zone’s achievements, encompassing various infrastructural, electrification, engineering, and safety endeavors. The zone’s Gross earnings during 2022-23 stood at around Rs. 11,000 Crores, marking a significant 51% increase from the previous year. The first four months of the current year continued this growth momentum with total earnings reaching Rs. 3883 Crores, a noteworthy 11% rise from the corresponding period last year.

Highs and Achievements of the Past Year
Key highlights of the previous year included a 24% surge in freight loading and an impressive 89% growth in passenger footfall. Notably, SR attained a commendable punctuality rate of 92.5% during 2022-23, showcasing a significant improvement from 88% in 2021-22. The introduction of 3 Vande Bharat Train services over Southern Railway garnered patronage for their enhanced speed and modern amenities.

Treading the Path of Progress: Infrastructure and Sustainability
The zone displayed its commitment to progress through remarkable enhancements in speed. In 2022-23, SR increased speeds over an expansive 2037 Route kms, elevating them from 110 to 130 Kmph and from 80/90 to 110 kmph. The zone also expanded its network significantly, adding 178 Kms during the same period. This included 52 Kms of Gauge conversion and 126 kms of Doubling.

Elevating Travel Experience: Station Upgradation and Safety Measures
SR commitment to passenger comfort was highlighted by the identification of 90 stations for upgradation under the “Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme.” Additionally, 21 stations underwent major redevelopment, aiming to offer passengers a world-class travel experience. Ensuring safety remained paramount, with the rehabilitation of 40 bridges and the construction of 75 ROBs/RUBs in the year 2022-23.

Sustainable Progress: Towards Green Energy and Humanitarian Efforts
The zone’s dedication to sustainability manifested through its green energy initiatives. SR generated 58 lac units of solar power, resulting in savings of Rs. 2.7 crores. An additional 250 lac units of wind energy were generated, leading to savings of Rs. 13.7 crores. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) upheld its noble duty, rescuing 2205 runaway children and saving 62 precious lives during the year.

Empowerment through Appointments and Inclusivity
Southern Railway continued its contribution to employment by appointing 1647 candidates during 2022-23. The commitment to empowering individuals persisted into 2023-24, with the appointment of 6960 candidates till July 2023.

Cultural Extravaganza and Dignitary Involvement
The Independence Day celebrations continued with cultural programs by RPF, an impressive Dog Show by Southern Railway Dog Squad, and captivating performances by various departments. G.K. Gupta, Chief Administrative Officer of Railway Construction Organisation, Egmore, Shri B. Viswanath Eerya, Divisional Railway Manager, Chennai, Samir Dighe, Chief Project Manager,Railway Electrification, and Prasanta Kumar Sahu, Member Technical were present on This Occasion.

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