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Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi’s Controversial Remark; Said- Udhay’s Statement was Aimed At “Inhuman Principles Preached By Sanatan,” Which He Felt Discriminated Against Scheduled Castes, Tribes, And Women

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi Controversial Remark: Emphasized that there was no intention to offend any religion or its beliefs.

Chennai, 07 September (City Times): Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has stepped in to support his minister, Udhayanidhi Stalin, who recently stirred a storm with his comment on “eradicating sanatana dharma.” In a comprehensive statement released in Tamil and English, the Chief Minister clarified that Udhayanidhi’s statement was aimed at “inhuman principles preached by Sanatan,” which he felt discriminated against Scheduled Castes, tribes, and women. He emphasized that there was no intention to offend any religion or its beliefs.

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi :Criticism of Caste-Based Discrimination

Stalin used the opportunity to condemn caste-based discrimination and those who denigrate women on spiritual platforms. He accused certain individuals and groups of perpetuating oppressive ideologies using terms like ‘Sanatan.’ He argued that these ideologies were used to subjugate women, which went against the principles of equality. Udhayanidhi’s remarks, according to Stalin, were a call to eradicate practices based on such ideologies.(Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi)

BJP’s Alleged Misinformation Campaign

The Chief Minister didn’t hold back in criticizing pro-BJP forces, whom he accused of spreading misinformation about Udhayanidhi’s speech. He specifically called out the Bharatiya Janata Party’s “troll army” and criticized union ministers Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh for alleging that Udhayanidhi had advocated for the “genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.” (Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Backs Udhayanidhi)

Udhayanidhi’s Original Comment

The controversy began when Udhayanidhi Stalin made a comment at an event, where he stated, “Sanatana (Dharma) ought to be eradicated like malaria.” While he has since clarified that he meant to condemn caste differences and is ready to face any legal action, he is currently facing a case filed by police in Uttar Pradesh. He vehemently denies suggesting a “genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.”

Stalin Questions PM Modi

MK Stalin also took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, questioning whether he was aware of the misinformation campaign surrounding Udhayanidhi’s remarks or if he knowingly contributed to it. He accused the Prime Minister of being rattled by the opposition alliance in India and using “One Nation, One Election” as a political gimmick.

In summary, Chief Minister MK Stalin has defended Udhayanidhi’s comments, clarifying that they were aimed at condemning oppressive ideologies and not any religion or its beliefs. He criticized pro-BJP forces for spreading misinformation and questioned the Prime Minister’s awareness of the situation. Udhayanidhi faces legal action for his remarks but maintains that he never advocated for a “genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts.”

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