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TN Governor Firmly Opposes NEET Exemption Bill, Highlights Commitment to Competitive Excellence

Tamil Nadu Governor on NEET Exemption Bill said-I will be the last person to approve the banning of NEET

Chennai, August 12(City Times): Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi unequivocally stated on NEET Exemption Bill on Saturday that he would not approve the Bill seeking exemption for Tamil Nadu from the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). Addressing the highest scorers of the NEET UG 2023 examination in Chennai’s Raj Bhavan, Ravi conveyed his stance on the matter.

Stance Against NEET Exemption

During the ‘Think to Dare’ event, part of the ‘Enni Thuniga’ series, where he interacted with the toppers and their parents, a query about the NEET exemption Bill arose. Responding firmly, Ravi asserted, “I will be the last person to approve the banning of NEET. I want our children to compete and excel. They have demonstrated their capabilities.”

Parent’s Perspective and Governor’s Response

Ammasiyappan Ramasamy, a parent of a successful NEET candidate, expressed concerns about the significant expenses incurred for NEET coaching. He also highlighted the state’s commendable medical infrastructure achievements without the need for NEET. However, the Governor, in his response, stated that the standards of education should be elevated rather than avoiding a competitive examination.

Education in Concurrent List

Ravi emphasized that the subject of education falls under the concurrent list of the Constitution, and thus, only the President can grant clearance for the Bill. “I shall never give it. Be sure about it,” he affirmed, indicating his unwavering stance against the Bill.

Importance of Syllabus and Standards

Governor Ravi also touched on the significance of syllabus and standards in preparation for NEET. He underlined that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) books set the benchmark, and if state board standards lag behind, the focus should be on improving them. “NEET is not beyond the standards of CBSE,” Ravi asserted.

NEET’s Continuation and Concerns

Reiterating his commitment, Ravi emphasized that NEET would remain a significant part of the country’s competitive landscape. He expressed his desire for Tamil Nadu’s students to excel nationally. The NEET Exemption Bill had been passed by the Tamil Nadu State Assembly twice, first in September 2021 and then in February 2022, but was not ratified by the Governor.

Student’s Triumph and Economic Backgrounds

Later, Ammasiyappan Ramasamy, the concerned parent, expressed his contentment that his daughter secured a seat in Government Chengalpattu Medical College. He acknowledged her success but stressed that many students faced challenges in accessing NEET coaching due to economic constraints.

In the face of varied opinions, the Governor’s stand against the NEET Exemption Bill underscores his commitment to fostering a competitive spirit and educational excellence among Tamil Nadu’s aspiring medical professionals.

The relationship between Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi and the state government has recently been marked by tension and disagreements over key issues. Governor Ravi’s firm stance against clearing the Tamil Nadu NEET Exemption Bill, which seeks to exempt the state from the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), has intensified the tension. His refusal to approve the bill, even after it was passed by the Tamil Nadu State Assembly twice, has sparked debates and discussions within the state.

Governor RN Ravi’s comments during an event addressing top scorers of the NEET UG 2023 entrance exam in Chennai further fueled the tension. He expressed his strong opposition to the NEET Exemption Bill, asserting that he would never give his clearance for its implementation. The Governor’s emphasis on the need for Tamil Nadu’s students to excel in competitive exams like NEET rather than seeking exemptions has drawn criticism from certain quarters of the state government and the public.

The clash of opinions between the Tamil Nadu Governor and the state government over the NEET Exemption Bill highlights the broader tensions between the two entities. This ongoing disagreement not only reflects differences in policy approaches but also raises questions about the authority and autonomy of the state government in making decisions related to education and healthcare. As the discussions continue, the dynamics between Governor Ravi and the Tamil Nadu government are likely to remain a topic of interest and scrutiny in the state’s political landscape.

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