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Survival Chronicles: Trapped Labourer Gabbar Singh Negi 60-Hour Struggle in Collapsed Tunnel ;Talks to Son Through Tunnel Pipe

Trapped In Tunnel For Over 60 Hours: Labourer Gabbar Singh Negi Heroic Spirit Amidst Uttarakhand’s Char Dham Mishap

Trapped In Tunnel For Over 60 Hours: A Son’s Brief Connection through the Pipe of Hope

Trapped In Tunnel For Over 60 Hours: Family’s Anxious Wait: Uttarakhand Labourer’s Unseen Struggle

Dehradun,14 November (City Times):Trapped In Tunnel For Over 60 Hours: In a gripping tale of resilience and survival, a labourer from Uttarakhand finds himself trapped in an under-construction tunnel for over 60 hours. The tunnel, a crucial part of the Char Dham project, collapsed on the Char Dham route in Uttarakhand. Despite the dire circumstances, the labourer manages to communicate with his son through a pipe installed for oxygen supply. This heart-wrenching ordeal unfolds as family members anxiously await news, and the trapped workers, predominantly migrants from various states, navigate a delicate balance of hope and uncertainty in the subterranean depths.

The Ordeal Unfolds

On the Brahmakhal-Yamunotri National Highway, a critical segment of the Char Dham project, disaster struck as a 4.5-km tunnel section crumbled early one Sunday morning. This incident has led to the entrapment of 40 laborers, creating a tense situation for their families and rescue teams.

A Father’s Reassuring Voice

Gabbar Singh Negi, a seasoned supervisor with over two decades of experience, managed a brief yet poignant conversation with his son, Akash. Through an improvised communication pipe designed for oxygen supply, Negi reassured his family that all trapped individuals were safe, well-fed, and hydrated. His words carried a sense of hope, mitigating the anxiety that gripped the families of those trapped inside.

Family’s Anxious Vigil

Negi’s elder brother, Maharaj, shed light on Negi’s extensive experience, highlighting how it played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of those trapped. The company responded swiftly by deploying a communication pipe to deliver essential supplies, emphasizing their commitment to sustaining the well-being of the laborers within.

Hope Amidst Darkness

Despite the adversity, Negi’s words to his son were filled with optimism. He conveyed that no injuries had occurred, and the trapped laborers were receiving adequate food and water. Additionally, Negi expressed confidence in the engineering team’s ability to conduct a successful rescue operation, providing a glimmer of hope to those awaiting updates.

The Buffer Zone

Authorities reported that the trapped workers are situated in a buffer zone within the tunnel. This space, approximately 400 meters in length, allows for movement and ensures a sufficient supply of oxygen. The disaster response team is diligently working to coordinate a safe and swift rescue operation, leveraging the available space within the tunnel.

Diverse Backgrounds, Shared Struggle

The trapped laborers represent a diverse cross-section of India, hailing from states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, and Himachal Pradesh. This incident underscores the collaborative efforts of a multi-state workforce engaged in critical infrastructure projects.

Insights from the Ground

Insiders revealed that the trapped individuals have approximately 400 meters of space within the tunnel. This detail emphasizes the immediate surroundings, highlighting their importance for movement and sustenance during this challenging time. The disaster response team is utilizing this information to streamline rescue efforts effectively.

The Human Side of Tragedy

Beyond the statistics and technical details, the incident underscores the human side of such tragedies. Families anxiously wait for updates, and the untold stories of individual struggles within the confines of the collapsed tunnel bring a poignant perspective to the situation. The emotional toll on the families adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing crisis.

The Path Forward

As the rescue efforts intensify, the nation watches with bated breath. The hope is for a swift and safe extraction of those trapped. Meanwhile, tales of resilience and hope continue to emerge from the heart of the Char Dham mishap, reminding everyone of the indomitable spirit that prevails even in the face of adversity.

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