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Union Minister Jitendra Singh Global Momentum Against Corruption: India’s Resolute Stand Emphasized at G20 Summit

Union Minister Jitendra Singh Calls for United Front to Eradicate Corruption; PM Modi Champions Zero-Tolerance Policy

Kolkata, 12 August (City Times): Union Minister Jitendra Singh, addressing the inaugural session of the G20 anti-graft ministerial meeting in Kolkata, underscored India’s unwavering commitment to combat corruption both domestically and internationally, emphasizing that India’s stringent stance against corruption resonates in its approach to global collaboration against this malignancy.

Minister Singh asserted, “The G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial meeting serves as a platform to showcase our collective resolve and unwavering political determination to lead the global charge against corruption.”

Singh further expounded, “India’s unequivocal zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption serves as a guiding principle that shapes our collaborative endeavors on the international front to counteract and prevent corruption.”

The minister also took the opportunity to recall the comprehensive 9-point agenda on fugitive economic offenders that Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented to the G20 consortium in 2018. Furthermore, the agenda called for the resolute implementation of international commitments, the establishment of effective platforms for timely and comprehensive exchange of information, and the formulation of universally accepted definitions for fugitive economic offenders,” Singh elaborated.

Lauding the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) for its pivotal role, Minister Singh commended the publication of a seminal G20 action paper in 2020, which delved into the theme of “International Cooperation dealing with Economic Crime, Offenders, and Recovery of Stolen Assets.” He emphasized the paper’s role in reinforcing the determination of G20 member nations to dismantle safe havens, facilitate the repatriation of fugitives, and reclaim pilfered assets. (Union Minister Jitendra Singh)

Continuing his address, Singh highlighted the accomplishments of the G20 ACWG under India’s stewardship. “India’s presidency of the G20 ACWG has successfully rallied consensus on critical issues, bolstering cooperation in law enforcement, enhancing information sharing, and streamlining mechanisms for asset recovery,” he noted.

Embracing a forward-looking approach, Singh urged the G20 nations to forge resolute collaborations to address the gaps in international cooperation and to establish a robust deterrent against corruption. “Concrete steps towards the enhancement of extradition mechanisms and the meticulous tracking of cross-border financial flows are indispensable tools in the fight against fugitive economic offenders,” Singh emphasized. (Union Minister Jitendra Singh)

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial meeting virtually, reaffirmed India’s rigorous stance against corruption. “Our nation staunchly abides by a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption,” Modi articulated, underscoring India’s innovative integration of technology and e-governance to foster an accountable and transparent ecosystem.

Drawing upon the wisdom of Tagore and the teachings of ancient Indian Upanishads, Modi cautioned against the perils of greed and its impediments to truth realization. “The principle of ‘Ma Gridha’ – ‘let there be no greed’ – enshrined in our ancient texts resonates in our pursuit to counter corruption,” Modi affirmed, highlighting the disproportionate burden of corruption borne by marginalized and underprivileged sections of society.

Referencing Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Modi stressed the government’s pivotal role in optimizing resources to advance the welfare of the people. “The fight against corruption is intrinsically tied to the sacred duty of the government toward its citizens,” Modi concluded, invoking the ancient wisdom to champion a corruption-free future. (Union Minister Jitendra Singh)

As the G20 Anti-Corruption Ministerial meeting convened in Kolkata, India’s unyielding commitment to eradicating corruption on both national and global fronts took center stage. Union Minister Jitendra Singh’s resounding call for united action underscored India’s stance that integrity is not confined within borders. The resolute resolve to combat corruption, echoed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reverberates with the wisdom of ancient texts and the vision of a transparent, accountable, and equitable society. The symphony of voices against corruption, resonating within the G20 consortium, holds the promise of a future where the scourge of corruption is replaced by a harmonious world order driven by ethical principles and equitable progress. (Union Minister Jitendra Singh)

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