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Union Minister Kishan Reddy Stopped From Inspecting Housing Site; Declares “War” Against BRS Government

High Drama Unfolds as Police Prevent BJP Leaders from Visiting Telangana Govt Housing Site (Kishan Reddy)

Hyderabad, Jul 20 (PTI) Tense scenes ensued on Thursday in Hyderabad as Union Minister and Telangana BJP president G Kishan Reddy, accompanied by other party leaders, sat on the road after being obstructed by police from inspecting a BRS government housing site.

Reddy expressed strong dissatisfaction with the police action and denounced it as an attempt to put him and other party leaders under “house arrest.” He declared that the “war has begun” against the BRS government.

The situation unfolded as Reddy planned a visit to the government housing complex at Batasingaram, where double-bedroom homes meant for the underprivileged were being constructed. Police responded by placing several BJP leaders either under “house arrest” or preventive custody.

Despite the heavy rainfall, Reddy and his fellow party leaders staged a protest by sitting on the road after being denied access to the construction site.

Indignant at the situation, Reddy demanded an explanation from Commissioner of Rachakonda Police D S Chauhan, asserting his right to move freely within India. However, he was later physically taken away by the police and transported to the state BJP headquarters in Nampally.

Speaking to the press, Reddy criticized the BRS government for allegedly failing to fulfill its promise of constructing two-bedroom houses for the impoverished, even after being in power for nine years. He clarified that the BJP had planned to launch a separate agitation on this matter later, but wanted to inspect the Batasingaram site due to the incomplete construction.

Reddy expressed his frustration with the excessive police presence and the restrictions imposed on him and his party leaders, questioning the need for such measures as if they were visiting a sensitive area.

He called on Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to address the people’s demands for double-bedroom houses in the state, asserting that the police actions were taken out of fear and insecurity by the Chief Minister’s family.

Reddy affirmed that the people’s grievances would not be quelled by their arrests and vowed to fight for the rights of the poor and unemployed in a peaceful and democratic manner. He also addressed comments from Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav regarding funding, emphasizing his responsibility to obtain the central share and funds if the Telangana government built 50 lakh houses for the underprivileged.

In response, Srinivas Yadav highlighted Telangana’s unique commitment to constructing double-bedroom houses for the poor and dismissed Reddy’s actions as “political drama,” suggesting that he could have visited the site officially.

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