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UP Board Exam 2024: 81 Centers, Distance Woes, and 44 Complaints; New challenge Before Examination Board

UP Board Exam 2024: 81 Examination Centers; UP Board reveals list online, triggering school objections and scrutiny.

UP Board Exam 2024: Distance Woes; Students face challenges as some exam centers are 22 kilometres away.

UP Board Exam 2024: 44 Complaints; Jhansi grapples with objections to proposed UP Board exam centers.

Lucknow, 07 December(City Times): UP Board Exam 2024: The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council gears up for the 2024 board examinations, unveiling 81 examination centers. However, the process sparks controversy and objections, affecting thousands of students and school operators.

Understanding the Examination Center Allocation Process Of Uttar Pradesh Board Exam

Provisional List and Representations

The provisional list of 81 examination centers in Hathras district was recently published online. Subsequently, more than 50 schools raised objections or representations, either seeking additional centers or expressing an inability to conduct examinations.

Scrutiny by the SDM

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) will meticulously scrutinize the representations from various board examination centers. The aim is to ensure a fair and feasible distribution of examination centers based on the specific needs and challenges faced by each school.

Finalizing the List

The district committee will play a pivotal role in finalizing the list of examination centers. The SDM’s investigation and subsequent reports will contribute to this process, addressing the concerns raised by the schools.

Distance Woes for UPMSP Examination Candidates

Center Placement Challenges

In a surprising turn, some UPMSP examination centers are located as far as 22 kilometers away, causing discontent among school managers. Nearly 15,000 candidates in the district face challenges due to the significant distance of their examination centers.

Technological Interventions

The UP Board introduces Geographic Information (GI) tagging for center selection, where schools submit photographs for evaluation. However, this innovative approach has faced criticism, with schools struggling to adapt, leading to increased distances for some examination centers.

School Objections

Expressing their dissatisfaction, school managers have registered objections with the Education Department, highlighting the impracticality and inconvenience caused by the considerable distance of the examination centers.

Addressing Concerns in Jhansi

Complaints and Investigations

In Jhansi, the UP Board faces over 44 complaints and objections regarding proposed examination centers. Sub-District Magistrates are conducting thorough investigations, and a revised list of examination centers will be provided to address the concerns.

Applicability and Modification

To streamline the examination process, the UP Board has reduced the number of examination centers by 11 compared to the previous year. This strategic reduction aims to align the number of centers with student volumes, alleviating concerns related to distance and capacity.

Secretary Instructions

The Secretary of UP Board, through video conferences, has emphasized the need for a meticulous verification process for proposed examination centers. Directives include ensuring adherence to distance standards, prioritizing examination centers for girl students, and maintaining the security of question papers.

As the UP Board grapples with challenges and controversies surrounding examination centers, the focus remains on fostering a fair and efficient system. The ongoing scrutiny, investigations, and modifications underscore the commitment to providing students with a conducive environment for examinations.

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