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Urfi Javed’s Viral Video: Police Arrest Rumours Spark Social Media Uproar

A video of Urfi Javed being confronted by a female police officer surfaces, leading to speculation about her arrest.

Prior to the video controversy, Urfi had received death threats, adding to the intrigue.

Mumbai, 03 November(City Times): Urfi Javed viral video arrest rumours: The video of actress Urfi Javed being confronted by a female police officer has gone viral, sparking rumors of her arrest. However, Mumbai Police denied any arrest. The incident may be a video shoot or promotion. Get the full story on the Urfi Javed viral video and the truth behind the arrest claims.

In the world of social media and showbiz, Urfi Javed is no stranger to both admiration and controversy. This emerging actress is known for her bold fashion choices and her fearless demeanor. Recently, a video went viral, featuring Urfi Javed in a puzzling situation. As the video surfaced, it raised questions and concerns among fans, who were left wondering whether the police had arrested her.

Urfi Javed viral video arrest rumours, Know origin

The viral video was shared by Viral Bhayani, a popular Instagram influencer known for sharing the latest updates on celebrities. The video captures Urfi Javed leaving a cafe when a female police officer approaches her and asks her to accompany them. Urfi inquires about the reason for her detention, to which the police officer mentions her attire. Urfi asserts her right to choose her clothing, but she is taken into custody and driven away by the police.

Social Media Reacts on video: (Watch Video)

The video of Urfi Javed’s encounter with the police quickly spread across social media platforms, sparking a wide range of reactions. Fans were alarmed by her arrest, and many expressed their concerns over the incident. Simultaneously, some users speculated that this might be a promotional stunt. They suggested that the video could be part of a marketing campaign designed to generate buzz.

Video Credit: Viral Bhayani

Urfi Javed viral video arrest rumours: Is It a Promotion?

A newer video posted by Viral Bhayani hints that Urfi Javed was taken into police custody in Mumbai on a Friday morning. The video shows her running errands and subsequently being confronted by a group of individuals claiming to be police officers. One female officer asks her to accompany them to the police station and cites her choice of attire as the reason for her arrest. Urfi questions the officer, but she is escorted to the police station.

Urfi Javed Not Arrested: Mumbai Police refuted any such action

However, it is essential to clarify that Urfi Javed has not been arrested. According to a report by India Today, Mumbai Police has refuted any such arrest. Moreover, given the presence of numerous paparazzi in the vicinity, it is plausible that the video captures a shooting or promotional activity for a film or a series. Hindustan attempted to reach out to Urfi Javed’s team for clarification, but they have not issued a statement on the matter at this time.

Video ignited a frenzy of discussions

In the world of social media and instant news, speculations and viral videos can often lead to confusion. Urfi Javed’s video, depicting her interaction with the police, has ignited a frenzy of discussions and debates on various platforms. However, it’s crucial to rely on official information and statements before making any conclusions. For now, the mystery surrounding the video remains, and it may only be a matter of time before the truth is revealed.

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