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Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit: CM Dhami Secures Huge Investment Of ₹20,000 Crore in Ahmedabad Roadshow

Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, a dynamic leader with a vision for Uttarakhand’s development, played a pivotal role in signing of Investment MoUs worth Rs 20,000 crore with more than 50 major industrial groups.

Dehradun,01 November(City Times): Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023: Investment Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) worth more than ₹20,000 crore were signed with over 50 prominent industrial groups during the recent Ahmedabad roadshow for the upcoming Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit. This event marks a significant milestone in Uttarakhand’s journey towards economic development and investment attraction.

Investment MoUs Worth ₹20,000 Crore: A Transformative Milestone

One of the most notable developments is the signing of Investment MoUs worth a staggering ₹20,000 crore with more than 50 major industrial groups. These MoUs span a range of sectors, including health and wellness, hospitality, manufacturing, education, logistics, and more. The Uttarakhand Government’s continuous efforts to attract investments have borne fruit, as significant players have expressed their commitment to the state.(Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023)

These are The Companies Which Inked The Pact

The companies entering these agreements include Sheetal Group and Company, Rankers Hospital, Zivaya Wellness Private Limited, Astral Pipes, Warmora Tiles, Gujarat Ambuja MKC Insa Infrastructure Limited, and Amul, among others. Additionally, various entities such as Commodity Trading, AD Mehta Logistics, Friends & Friends Group of Companies, Parekh Ventures LLP, V Milak Enterprises, Arya Ocean Logistics Park, Hindustan Oil Industries, Supac Industries, Shreeji Group, NB Group, Shantakaram Nigam, Apollo Group of Institutions, and Panchakarma Hotels and Resorts (Trident) are among the entities that have signed these MoUs.(Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023)

CM Dhami’s Proactive Leadership

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, a dynamic leader with a vision for Uttarakhand’s development, played a pivotal role in this achievement. He participated in the Ahmedabad roadshow, extending invitations to prominent industrialists to join the Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023. CM Dhami emphasized the significance of this event, underscoring that it is the sixth roadshow held in Ahmedabad as a precursor to the main summit. Investors and industrialists were encouraged to participate in the event scheduled for December 8-9, 2023, in Dehradun.

CM Dhami recognized Gujarat’s rich historical and cultural heritage and the contributions of luminaries like Lord Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sardar Patel, all of whom hail from this land. He commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for transforming India into a global powerhouse, raising its status and prestige on the international stage.

Uttarakhand’s Growth Trajectory

The state of Uttarakhand, established 23 years ago, received a special industrial package from former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This incentive spurred rapid industrial growth in the region. With a land bank encompassing 6,000 acres and a commitment to provide additional incentives for investments in hilly areas, Uttarakhand offers immense potential for investors.

The state’s natural beauty and a skilled workforce contribute to its appeal, attracting investors from various sectors. The government is dedicated to achieving a harmonious balance between ecological conservation and economic development, making Uttarakhand an ideal Karmabhoomi (workplace) for investors and businessmen.

Infrastructure Development and Connectivity

Uttarakhand has seen remarkable progress in terms of infrastructure development, including air, rail, road, and ropeway connectivity. This year alone, more than 52 lakh devotees have undertaken the Chardham Yatra, emphasizing the state’s religious significance. In the Kumaon division, rapid work is underway under the Manaskhand Mandir Mala Mission.

Cabinet Minister Shri Premchand Aggarwal highlighted Uttarakhand’s peaceful and conducive environment for setting up industries. The state government, under the leadership of CM Dhami, is relentlessly working to simplify existing policies and implement new ones to facilitate rapid investments.

Investor-Friendly Policies

Investors often seek a favourable environment that includes accessible transportation, reliable power supply, and a skilled workforce—all of which are present in Uttarakhand. The state provides affordable electricity and boasts rapidly expanding connectivity. These factors contribute to the state’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

The recent signing of Investment MoUs worth ₹20,000 crore with over 50 industrial groups represents a transformative milestone for Uttarakhand’s economic development. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s proactive leadership and the state’s investor-friendly policies have positioned Uttarakhand as an attractive destination for investments. With its natural beauty, robust infrastructure, and a commitment to ecological and economic balance, Uttarakhand is poised for sustainable growth. The Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023 in Dehradun presents an opportunity for investors to be part of this promising journey.

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