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Varun Gandhi Criticizes His Party Over Cheetah Deaths ; Said- The Act of Bringing Cheetahs From Africa And Letting Them Die In India Is An act Of Cruelty And Negligence ; 9 Cheetahs Have Died In A Span Of Just 5 Months

Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy : BJP Member of Parliament Varun Gandhi has once again criticized his own party and the government, this time over the import and subsequent deaths of cheetahs in India.

New Delhi, 16 September (City Times): Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy : In a surprising move, BJP Member of Parliament Varun Gandhi has once again criticized his own party and the government, this time over the import and subsequent deaths of cheetahs in India. Gandhi has called the act of bringing cheetahs from Africa and letting them die in India an act of cruelty and negligence.

Cheetah Deaths Raise Alarms

Gandhi’s comments come in the wake of disturbing news – nine cheetahs have died in a span of just five months in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. Reports have been circulating that another batch of these big cats is being brought in from South Africa and introduced into the state’s Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary.(Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy)

Project Cheetah’s Troubled Journey

The backdrop for this controversy is Project Cheetah, which was initiated last year. The first batch of cheetahs, imported from Namibia, was released in Kuno National Park on September 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. With the first anniversary of Project Cheetah fast approaching, Gandhi couldn’t have picked a more timely moment to voice his concerns.(Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy)

Gandhi’s Stance on Cheetah Import

Taking to social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Varun Gandhi expressed his discontent by sharing a news report about the arrival of another batch of cheetahs. He stated, “Importing cheetahs from Africa and allowing nine of them to die in a foreign land is not just cruelty, it’s an appalling display of negligence. We should focus on conserving our own endangered species and habitats rather than contributing to the suffering of these magnificent creatures.”(Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy)

He further emphasized, “This reckless pursuit of exotic animals must end immediately, and we should prioritize the welfare of our native wildlife instead.”

Not Varun Gandhi’s First Critique

This isn’t the first time that Varun Gandhi has publicly criticized his own party or a government led by the BJP. Just last month, during an event in Uttar Pradesh, he made headlines by requesting that a phone call not be interrupted from a sadhu (ascetic), jokingly remarking, “Please do not stop him; you never know when ‘maharaaj ji’ will become the chief minister. Then what will happen to us?” This was seen as a playful jab at the government in Uttar Pradesh.(Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy)

Cheetahs in Kuno National Park

Kuno National Park has been the site of the reintroduction of 20 adult cheetahs since September of last year. In addition to these, four cubs have been born in the park during this period. Unfortunately, nine of these cheetahs, including three cubs, have lost their lives in just five months, with the latest deaths occurring in early August this year.

Debate Over Cheetah Deaths

While some experts have attributed these cheetah deaths to the use of sub-standard radio collars, the government has denied these claims, dismissing them as “speculation and hearsay without scientific evidence.” The deaths have sparked significant debate, with many conservationists and animal lovers expressing their concern over the fate of these magnificent creatures.(Varun Gandhi Cheetah Controversy)

Supreme Court’s Stand on Cheetah Reintroduction

The Supreme Court of India has also weighed in on the issue. Hearing a petition regarding the cheetah deaths, the court stated last month that there was no reason to question the government’s actions regarding the reintroduction of cheetahs in India. Despite this, the issue continues to generate controversy, with Varun Gandhi’s recent comments adding to the discussion.

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