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Ramadoss Urges Government to Halt Vedavati Riverside Evictions

Vedavati Riverside Evictions: Ramadoss Appeal to Retain Homes Along Vedavati Riverbanks

CHENNAI, 20August (City Times): Vedavati Riverside Evictions: S. Ramadoss, the founder of Pattali Makkal Katchi(PMK), has called upon the government to reconsider its decision to relocate people residing along the Vedavati riverbanks in Kanchipuram. He expressed concern over the planned eviction and emphasized that the authorities should revoke the order issued by the Kanchipuram district collector.

Displacement Plans Raise Concerns

In an official statement, Ramadoss highlighted that the Kanchipuram district administration intends to relocate 600 families out of the 3524 households residing in Slum Board houses and private residences along the river. These families are being directed to newly constructed Slum Board houses in the Kilikadirpur area. However, Ramadoss criticized the hurried displacement of people who have been living alongside the river for over five decades.

Questioning the Rationale Behind Eviction

The district administration claims that this action aims to improve the flow of the river and construct embankments. Ramadoss disagreed with this rationale, asserting that previous District Collector Ponnaiah had planned to build embankments without causing harm to the public. The current administration’s decision to remove the residents reflects an anti-people approach, according to Ramadoss.

Concerns Over Living Conditions

Ramadoss also expressed concern about the quality of the houses constructed in Kilikadirpur, stating that they are of poor quality and lack essential facilities. He emphasized that attempting to forcibly relocate people to such an area without basic amenities is a violation of their right to a decent life. The majority of those affected are weavers, and many women work as domestic laborers in nearby homes. Relocating them without job opportunities and placing them in an unsafe environment is unjust, Ramadoss stated.

Call for Government Intervention

In conclusion, Ramadoss urged the Tamil Nadu government to intervene in this matter and ensure that residents along the Vedavati riverbanks in Kanchipuram are allowed to stay in their current location. He called for the government to instruct the Kanchipuram District Collector to reverse the decision to evict the residents from their homes.

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