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Why Boycott Jawan Trend Sparks Debate Over Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Sanatan Dharma Remark, How Udhay Is Connected With This SRK’s Film

Select FilesWhy Boycott Jawan Trend Sparks Debate: Controversy Surrounds “Jawan” Ahead of Release Amid Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Comment on Sanatan Dharm

Chennai, 07 September (City Times): Why Boycott Jawan Trend Sparks Debate: Just a day before the highly anticipated release of the Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara-starrer “Jawan,” an unexpected controversy has stirred the internet. Despite the film’s impressive advance booking numbers, the hashtag #BoycottJawan started trending on social media. To understand the reasons behind this trend, we need to delve into the controversy at its core.

The Udhayanidhi Stalin Connection

The heart of this controversy revolves around Udhayanidhi Stalin, a well-known film producer and Tamil Nadu minister. Udhayanidhi has played a significant role in distributing “Jawan” in Tamil Nadu, but his recent statement comparing Sanatan Dharma to mosquitoes and dengue sparked outrage. His comment triggered a substantial backlash, and Udhayanidhi, who is also a politician, boldly asserted that he was not afraid of facing any legal consequences.

What Udhayanidhi Stalin Said In his Speech

In his words, Udhayanidhi Stalin said, “There are certain things that we must eliminate and not just disagree with. Mosquitoes, diseases like dengue, fever, malaria, and even the coronavirus, these are things we can’t simply argue against; we need to get rid of them. Sanatanam (Sanatan Dharma) is similar to this.” This comment was mentioned by ABP Live. This statement quickly turned into a big discussion all over the country, and the BJP, which is the party in power at the national level, strongly criticized the Tamil Nadu minister. It’s important to note that Udhayanidhi Stalin is the son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin and is associated with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party.

What Was Udhay’s Response on Legal Challenge

In response to the legal challenges and the escalating controversy, Udhayanidhi Stalin remained steadfast in his position. He stated, “I welcome any legal challenge. We won’t be intimidated by the typical threats. We, as followers of Periyar, Anna, and Kalaignar, will persistently fight for social justice and strive to create an equal society under the wise leadership of our Hon’ble CM @mkstalin. Let me make it clear today, tomorrow, and always: Our determination to oppose Sanathana Dharma in the Dravidian region will not waver in the slightest.”

In his address at a seminar, he stated, “There are some things which we have to eradicate and can’t merely oppose. Mosquitoes, dengue, fever, malaria, and coronavirus, all these are things that we cannot oppose, we have to eradicate them. Sanatanam (Sanatan Dharma) is like this.” This statement not only sparked outrage but also led to legal action against him.

Strong Backing from Tamil Nadu’s Ruling Party

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s bold response to the controversy indicated his unwavering commitment to his stance. He declared, “Bring it on. I am ready to face any legal challenge. We will not be cowed down by such usual saffron threats.” His resolute stand was supported by his political affiliation with the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party, led by his father, Chief Minister MK Stalin.

Red Giant Movies and Film Distribution

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s role in film distribution in Tamil Nadu is significant. He owns Red Giant Movies, a production company that not only produces its own films but also acquires distribution rights for various movies. This connection with film distribution makes his involvement in the controversy surrounding “Jawan” even more significant.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Temple Visit Adds a Twist

The controversy took an unexpected turn when videos surfaced of Shah Rukh Khan visiting Hindu temples shortly before the release of “Jawan.” Shah Rukh Khan’s visit to the Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Tirupati, accompanied by Nayanthara and filmmaker Vignesh Shivan, raised questions among internet users. They wondered whether Shah Rukh Khan would address Udhayanidhi Stalin’s controversial comments, given his temple visits. This twist in the narrative added an intriguing layer to the controversy surrounding “Jawan” and Udhayanidhi Stalin’s statement.

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