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Transfer Saga: Sahal Abdul Samad’s Departure from Kerala Blasters


Sahal Abdul Samad’s transfer from Kerala Blasters to Mohun Bagan SG shocks fans, ending an era

  • Kerala Blasters’ failed attempt to acquire Pritam Kotal leads to Sahal’s unexpected departure.
  • Bengaluru FC also shows interest in signing Sahal, offering a substantial amount.
  • Kerala Blasters secure Pritam Kotal, an experienced defender, at the cost of Sahal’s departure.
  • Fans express disappointment with the club’s treatment of Sahal, raising questions about his exclusion and lack of support.
  • Kerala Blasters’ focus on strengthening defense highlights their commitment to achieving success on the field.
Summary: Sahal Abdul Samad's departure from Kerala Blasters to Mohun Bagan SG has left fans shocked. The initial deal involving Hormipam Ruivah fell through, leading to Sahal emerging as a potential target. Despite attractive offers from Bengaluru FC, Sahal expressed loyalty to Kerala Blasters. However, controversy surrounds his departure, raising questions about the club's treatment. Kerala Blasters' focus on acquiring Pritam Kotal showcases their commitment to building a competitive team.

Chennai,15July (City Times): The unexpected transfer of Sahal Abdul Samad from Kerala Blasters to Mohun Bagan SG has left fans in disbelief. As a long-serving player and a fan favorite, Sahal’s departure marks a significant shift for the club. Let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes events that led to this surprising transfer and explore the implications it holds for both parties.

The Initial Deal:

The transfer saga commenced when Kerala Blasters extended the contract of young defender Hormipam Ruivah, intending to include him in a potential deal to acquire Mohun Bagan SG’s captain, Pritam Kotal. The club was determined to bolster their defense and was willing to offer a substantial fee for Kotal’s services.

The Deal Falls Through:

However, the proposed deal hit a roadblock as Mohun Bagan SG showed no interest in acquiring Hormipam Ruivah, and the defender himself expressed his desire to continue playing for Kerala Blasters. This setback forced the club to explore alternative options, ultimately leading to Sahal Abdul Samad emerging as a potential target for Mohun Bagan SG.

Bengaluru FC’s Interest:

Bengaluru FC also expressed a keen interest in signing Sahal, presenting a substantial offer along with the possibility of a player exchange. Despite the attractive offer, Sahal expressed his strong desire to remain with Kerala Blasters, showcasing his loyalty to the club and the special bond he shares with the fans.

Controversial Departure:

Sahal’s departure has stirred controversy, with fans expressing disappointment over the club’s handling of their longest-serving player. Instances such as his exclusion from national team matchday posters and the lack of public acknowledgment during his marriage have raised concerns about the club’s appreciation for Sahal’s contributions.

Building a Competitive Team:

While Sahal’s departure may be bittersweet, Kerala Blasters’ primary focus has been on strengthening their defense and acquiring an experienced player like Pritam Kotal. This strategic move demonstrates the club’s commitment to building a competitive team capable of achieving success on the football field.

An opportunity for new talent

Although Sahal Abdul Samad’s transfer has left fans disheartened, Kerala Blasters’ acquisition of Pritam Kotal brings a much-needed boost to their defensive lineup. The club’s determination to secure Kotal showcases their ambition and desire for on-field success. While Sahal’s departure may mark the end of an era, it also presents an opportunity for new talent to emerge and for the team to embark on a new chapter in their journey.

Targeting ISL and AFC Cup Success:

Sahal Abdul Samad’s move to Mohun Bagan has ignited his desire to achieve glory in both the Indian Super League (ISL) and the AFC Cup. The talented 26-year-old midfielder has expressed his pride in joining the prestigious club and wearing the iconic Green and Maroon jersey. Sahal eagerly anticipates participating in the intense Kolkata Derby, known for its electric atmosphere, as he aims for victory in every match and maintains an unwavering winning mentality.

Sahal’s Excitement for the Kolkata Derby:

Having closely followed football matches from prominent leagues worldwide, Sahal is thrilled about the opportunity to experience the intensity of the Kolkata Derby firsthand. Although he has never witnessed or participated in a derby from the gallery, Sahal’s anticipation grows as he envisions a packed stadium with passionate fans cheering for Mohun Bagan. Maintaining his unwavering winning mentality, Sahal enters the match with a determined mindset, aiming solely for victory and prepared to contribute to the team’s success in the highly anticipated Kolkata Derby.

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