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NMDC Achieves Record-Breaking October Performance: 11% Growth in Production and Sales

NMDC October 2023 performance: NMDC, India’s leading iron ore producer, reported an outstanding 11% growth in both production and sales for October 2023, setting a new benchmark for the company. The cumulative performance for the year demonstrates NMDC’s dedication to responsible mining and technological advancements.

Hyderabad, 01 November(City Times): NMDC October 2023 performance: NMDC, India’s largest iron ore producer, achieved a historic milestone in October 2023, with record production and sales figures. This remarkable performance signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to mining excellence.

Key Points:

  1. Record-Breaking October: In October 2023, NMDC achieved its best performance ever, producing 3.92 million tonnes (MnT) of iron ore, a substantial 11% increase compared to the same period in 2022. This extraordinary accomplishment demonstrates NMDC’s commitment to excellence in mining.
  2. Stellar Sales Figures: Alongside remarkable production numbers, NMDC also reported a significant boost in sales. During October 2023, the company sold 3.44 MnT of iron ore, reflecting an impressive 11% growth over the previous year. These figures underscore NMDC’s position as a key player in the iron ore market.
  3. Cumulative Growth: NMDC’s outstanding performance extended to the cumulative production and sales figures for the year. Up to October 2023, the company produced 23.48 MnT of iron ore, marking a substantial 19% increase compared to the same period in 2022. The cumulative sales figures up to October also displayed substantial growth, rising by 23% from 19.44 MnT to 23.99 MnT. These remarkable achievements reflect NMDC’s continuous dedication to delivering excellence in the mining sector.
  4. Future Prospects: Shri Amitava Mukherjee, CMD (Additional Charge) of NMDC, praised the team’s exceptional performance, emphasizing that these achievements reinforce NMDC’s commitment to reaching a production target of 50 MnT. He highlighted the company’s confidence in digitalization, investments in technology, and a commitment to responsible mining as essential components for building a robust future for the mining industry in India. NMDC’s consistent record-breaking performances month after month exemplify the steely spirit of Team NMDC and their contribution to the mining sector’s promising future.

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