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Bharat Gaurav Trains By Southern Railway: Revolution in Rich Heritage Travel; 50 Bharat Gaurav Trains Unveiled

Chennai,10 November(City Times):Bharat Gaurav Trains By Southern Railway: Southern Railway has reached a significant milestone by successfully operating 50 Bharat Gaurav Trains (BGT) since the inception of the scheme on November 23, 2021. This initiative aims to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and historical sites to a global audience.

Overview of Bharat Gaurav Trains By Southern Railway

The first theme-based BGT from Coimbatore North to Sainagar Shirdi set the stage for a series of remarkable journeys. Covering diverse destinations, the 50 BGTs have collectively traveled an extensive 2,26,489 kilometers in 415 days.

Southern Railway Bharat Gaurav Trains Achievements And Passenger Impact

These trains have not only covered popular tourist spots like Sai Nagar Shirdi, Kashi, Prayagraj, and New Delhi but have also benefited 24,848 passengers, including tourists and pilgrims. The carefully curated itineraries included visits to renowned temples, historic sites, and scenic locales, ensuring a holistic travel experience.

Bharat Gaurav Trains Revenue Generation

Southern Railway has recorded a commendable revenue of Rs.34 crores from the operation of these 50 BGTs. Additionally, annual charges were applied where applicable. The financial success indicates the popularity and effectiveness of the Bharat Gaurav scheme in promoting tourism.

Registered Service Providers For Bharat Gaurav Trains

Four Registered Service Providers (RSPs) actively operate BGTs, contributing significantly to the success of the initiative. “M” and “C” Property Development P. Ltd., Coimbatore, M/s. Travel Times (India) P. Ltd., Chennai, IRCTC/South Zone, Chennai, and M/s. SRMPR Global Railways Pvt. Ltd., Chennai have been key contributors.

Value-Added Services

These service providers offer value-added services such as food and beverages, hotel accommodations, local transport arrangements, guided tours, and more. These additional offerings enhance the overall travel experience, making the journey not just a means of transportation but an immersive exploration of India’s cultural tapestry.

Future Outlook

With 11 entities accepted as Registered Service Providers, the Bharat Gaurav scheme continues to attract interest and participation. The diverse range of destinations covered and the success stories of service providers underscore the vast tourism potential that these theme-based trains tap into.

Southern Railway’s commitment to promoting India’s cultural heritage through the Bharat Gaurav Trains reflects in the diverse and successful journeys undertaken. As these trains continue to garner patronage, the scheme emerges as a powerful tool for leveraging India’s tourism sector and showcasing its beauty to the world. The future looks promising as more travelers embark on these thematic explorations, contributing to the growth of cultural tourism in India.

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