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CRWWO Embarks on Green Initiative with Tree Plantation Drive at CSMT Station

Mumbai, July 14(City Times): The Central Railway Women’s Welfare Organisation (CRWWO) took a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability and beautification by organizing a tree plantation drive near the garden of Platform No. 18 at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station. The event, held on July 13, 2023, at 3.30 pm, saw the active participation of CRWWO’s esteemed members, including President Shrimati Shobhna Lalwani and Vice-President Shrimati Niti Singh, among others. This initiative was carried out in commemoration of World Environment Day 2023, highlighting CRWWO’s commitment to environmental conservation.

As part of the tree plantation drive, a variety of tree species were carefully selected and planted around Platform No. 18 at CSMT station. These included Awala (Indian Gooseberry), Son Chafa, Plumeria alba, Largestonia, Allestonia, Ashoka, Ixora Singapuri, Nerium, Areca Palm, and Spathodia. The introduction of these diverse tree species not only adds to the visual appeal of the station but also contributes to creating a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem in and around CSMT.

Shrimati Shobhna Lalwani, President of CRWWO, expressed her gratitude to all the participants and underscored the importance of tree plantation drives in fostering a greener and healthier environment. She emphasized CRWWO’s unwavering dedication to the welfare of its members and its commitment to initiatives that make a positive impact on society at large. By organizing the tree plantation drive at CSMT station, CRWWO aims to inspire and encourage the community to adopt environmentally conscious practices.

CRWWO, known for its relentless efforts in uplifting and supporting women and families associated with Central Railway, recognizes the significance of environmental sustainability. Alongside its core mission, CRWWO is actively engaged in promoting initiatives that benefit the community and contribute to a sustainable future. The tree plantation drive at CSMT station serves as a testament to CRWWO’s commitment to creating a greener and more eco-friendly environment for all.



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