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Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalised in Karachi: Serious Health Complication Raises Questions

Dawood Ibrahim poisoned in Pakistan!: While social media buzzes with unconfirmed reports of poisoning, official confirmation remains elusive.

Chennai, 18 December(City Times): Dawood Ibrahim poisoned in Pakistan: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is reportedly facing a severe health complication that led to his hospitalization in Karachi, Pakistan. Amidst a flurry of reports surrounding the health of fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, his family members have confirmed his critical condition and hospitalization in Karachi, Pakistan. While social media buzzes with unconfirmed reports of poisoning, official confirmation remains elusive.

Dawood Ibrahim Hospitalised in Karachi: Hospitalization Details

Dawood Ibrahim was admitted to a Karachi hospital two days ago, with sources revealing that he is under tight security. Remarkably, he is the sole occupant on his hospital floor, accessible only to top hospital authorities and close family members.

Mumbai Police Seeking Information Dawood’s hospitalization

Mumbai Police are actively seeking information about Dawood’s hospitalization. Alishah Parkar and Sajid Wagle, relatives of the underworld figure, are being approached to gather more insights into his medical condition.

Key Facts

Location of HospitalizationKarachi, Pakistan
Duration of HospitalizationTwo days
Security MeasuresHigh
Occupancy on Hospital FloorSole patient

External Link: Dawood Ibrahim’s Nephew’s Statement

Past Statements and NIA Charges

In January 2023, Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew informed the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that the fugitive don resides in Karachi after a second marriage. The NIA’s chargesheet against Dawood highlights his alleged control over Karachi airport and his involvement in various criminal activities.

Dawood Ibrahim Fugitive Status and NIA Rewards

Despite several reports placing Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan for decades, India’s neighbor has consistently denied such claims. The NIA, which registered a case against Dawood in 2022, declared a substantial cash reward for information leading to his arrest. Rewards were also announced for his key associates.

Cash Rewards On D Company

  • Rs 25 lakh for Dawood Ibrahim
  • Rs 20 lakh for Chhota Shakeel
  • Rs 15 lakh each for Haji Anees, Javed Chikna, and Tiger Memon

Dawood Global Terrorist Designation

Dawood Ibrahim carries the designation of a ‘global terrorist’ by the United Nations and is listed as an ‘individual terrorist’ under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967. The NIA has accused him of running an international terrorist network known as D Company, collaborating with groups like LeT, Jaish, and Al Qaeda.

Dawood Ibrahim Crime History and Escape

Dawood Ibrahim, a name synonymous with the underworld, crime, and elusive mysteries, stands as a key figure in India’s criminal history. Born on December 26, 1955, in Khed Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Dawood rose to infamy as the mastermind behind the infamous 1993 Mumbai bombings, one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the country’s history.

His criminal empire, often referred to as the D-Company, became a force to be reckoned with, involved in various illegal activities, including arms smuggling, narcotics trade, extortion, and organized crime. The 1993 bombings orchestrated by Dawood and his associates resulted in over 250 casualties and left thousands injured, marking a dark chapter in India’s security landscape.

What followed the devastating attacks was a relentless pursuit by Indian law enforcement agencies to bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice. However, cunning and elusive, he managed to escape the clutches of the authorities, orchestrating one of the most dramatic and audacious getaways in criminal history.

Dawood’s escape from India is shrouded in secrecy and intrigue

Dawood’s escape from India is shrouded in secrecy and intrigue. In the aftermath of the bombings, he reportedly fled to Dubai, where he found refuge and protection. Over the years, he continued to evade arrest, moving between various countries, including Pakistan, where he is believed to have been residing for an extended period.

Pakistan Denies Dawood presence on its soil

The Indian government has consistently sought his extradition, but Pakistan, where Dawood is believed to be residing, denies his presence on its soil. The intricacies of geopolitics, coupled with the elusive nature of Dawood, have created a complex web surrounding his criminal legacy.

Family Confirmation and Hospital Vigil

Family members of Dawood Ibrahim have validated the reports of his critical health and hospitalization. Sources suggest that the mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts is under strict security in the hospital. Access to the floor where he is being treated is restricted to top hospital authorities and close family members.

Mumbai Police’s Inquest

In response to the unfolding situation, the Mumbai Police has dispatched a team to verify information from Dawood’s family members based in the city. The family, particularly Dawood’s nephews, has acknowledged his health complications but denies the poisoning reports.

Table: Key Developments

Sunday NightUnconfirmed reports surface about Dawood Ibrahim’s health crisis.
Mumbai Police dispatches a team to verify information from his family.
MondayFamily members confirm Dawood’s critical health but deny poisoning reports.
Social media speculates on the possibility of Dawood’s demise.
Reports claim Dawood might have passed away between 8 PM and 9 PM (IST).
Social Media BuzzPakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi notes disruptions in Twitter, Google, YouTube.
Kazmi suggests attempts to cover up a “major incident” involving Dawood.

ABP Live Report

Dawood’s Alleged Presence in Pakistan

Dawood Ibrahim, the alleged mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai blasts that claimed over 250 lives, has reportedly been hiding in Pakistan for decades. In January, revelations from the son of Haseena Parker, Dawood’s sister, informed the National Investigating Agency (NIA) of his presence in Karachi after a second marriage.

Rumors of Demise and Social Media Speculation

Contrary reports by ABP Live suggest Dawood Ibrahim may have succumbed to his health crisis. Allegedly rushed to a Karachi hospital after being poisoned, the news claims his demise between 8 PM and 9 PM (IST). Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi’s observations on disruptions in social media platforms add an air of intrigue to the situation.

Dawood Mysterious Hospitalization

Dawood Ibrahim’s hospitalization in Karachi raises questions about his health and the circumstances surrounding his medical condition. The conflicting reports and lack of official confirmation add an air of mystery to the situation. As the Mumbai Police seeks more details and the NIA continues its pursuit, the story of Dawood Ibrahim unfolds with intrigue and uncertainty.

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