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Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar Stands Firm on commissions Allegations, Calls for Congress-Led Investigation

DK Shivakumar Addresses Commission Allegations, Highlights Contractors’ Concerns Under Previous Govt

Bangalore,14 August (City Times): Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister and Congress leader, DK Shivakumar, has addressed allegations of commissions in government projects. Asserting his unwavering stance, he pointed out that contractors faced significant challenges during the BJP-led government’s tenure. Drawing attention to the Contractors’ Association president D Kempanna’s support of the claim that the BJP demanded a 40% commission, Shivakumar highlighted the need for a thorough investigation by the Congress government to ascertain the veracity of these allegations. He emphasized the intention to expose individuals within the BJP believed to be involved.

Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister, DK Shivakumar, has responded to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) recent move to meet Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot and request a Lokayukta investigation into alleged corruption. In a firm tone, Shivakumar urged the BJP leaders to “do whatever they can.” He also criticized former Deputy Chief Minister Dr. C.N. Ashwath Narayan for advocating the probe, referring to him as “Navrangi (chameleon) Narayan” and questioned his role in the BJP’s performance in Ramnagar.

Promise of Investigation:

Speaking from his residence in Bengaluru, Shivakumar emphasized the initiation of a probe to aid genuine contractors. He asserted that the investigation would proceed regardless of opposition tactics, indicating his determination to address the allegations. In response to claims of “DKS tax” and “YST” imposed on projects, Deputy CM pledged to reveal documents that he believes will shock the public. He expressed regret for contractors’ plight and noted his awareness of the situation.

Counter Allegations and Political Friction:

As the political tension continues, the BJP’s Ashwath Narayan highlighted “DKS tax” and “YST” as symbols of alleged corruption, referring to accusations of commissions. He asserted that these indicators point to a climate of corruption within the government. Narayan demanded a Lokayukta investigation to address these allegations on commission. The ongoing exchange underscores the political discord between the BJP and the state’s Deputy Chief Minister, further intensifying the scrutiny surrounding these allegations.

Unveiling Alleged Corruption Details:

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister has declared his intention to release documents within the next two days, aiming to substantiate claims of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) misusing and undermining contractors. Speaking outside his residence in Bengaluru’s Sadashivangar, DK Shivakumar promised more comprehensive information concerning the alleged corruption accusations made by certain contractors.

Probe into Pending Bills and Contractors’ Plight:

Shivakumar disclosed plans to expose the actions of BJP leaders in Bengaluru, specifically detailing completed and pending projects. He clarified that he hadn’t directly granted contracts to anyone but had been approached by contractors to resolve pending bills from the BJP regime. Shivakumar asserted that investigations would be conducted and genuine work would be rewarded. He questioned why the BJP hadn’t cleared the bills during their tenure and expressed concern for the contractors’ alleged misuse and embarrassment.

War of Words and Political Tensions:

A verbal altercation ensued between congress leader Shivakumar and former BJP minister Dr. Ashwathnarayan. Referring to Ashwathnarayan as ‘Navarangi Narayana’, Shivakumar criticized his performance and accused him of protecting wrongdoers. This exchange was sparked by Ashwathnarayan labeling Shivakumar as the ‘Destruction Minister’. In response, Ashwathnarayan accused Shivakumar of corruption and disparaged the Congress party.

Allegations and Counter-Allegations:

The ongoing exchange between Deputy CM and Ashwathnarayan highlights the growing political discord. While Shivakumar vehemently defends against corruption allegations, Ashwathnarayan persistently attacks his reputation. This tug-of-war showcases the intense political climate and tensions in the state, further fueling public scrutiny and attention on the situation.

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