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DRDO UAV Crashes in Karnatka’s Chitradurga Village, No Casualties Reported

DRDO UAV Crashes: TAPAS, encountered a mishap as it descended into the fields of Vaddikere village in Hiriyur Taluk

Chitradurga, 20 August(City Times): DRDO UAV Crashes: In a concerning incident, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) experienced a crash in a village located within the district. The UAV, known as TAPAS, encountered a mishap as it descended into the fields of Vaddikere village in Hiriyur Taluk. Despite the unsettling occurrence, no injuries or harm to individuals were reported.

Test Flight Ends in Crash for DRDO’s TAPAS UAV

The unfortunate crash occurred while the experimental UAV, TAPAS, was undergoing a test flight. As the vehicle was in the midst of its trial phase, circumstances leading to the incident remain unclear. Notably, officials from DRDO were not available to provide immediate comments on the incident, leaving the specific details of the crash yet to be disclosed.

Scattered Debris Marks Scene of UAV Crash

Visual evidence of the incident showcases the aftermath of the crash, revealing the TAPAS UAV fragmented upon impact. The scattered parts of the experimental drone were strewn across the agricultural field, highlighting the extent of the damage caused. The UAV, which was part of DRDO’s research and development efforts, faced an abrupt and unfortunate end during its flight.

Prompt Local Response Following UAV Crash

The loud noise accompanying the UAV’s crash drew the attention of the villagers residing nearby. Responding quickly to the sound, a substantial number of villagers gathered at the scene, witnessing the scattered debris of the TAPAS UAV. The villagers’ timely response also led them to alert the local police about the incident, initiating necessary actions for further investigation.

Investigation Underway as Authorities Secure Crash Site

Authorities swiftly took control of the crash site, ensuring that the area was secured for investigation. While the exact cause of the UAV crash remains to be determined, the incident has sparked an investigative process to ascertain the circumstances that led to the unfortunate event. Thankfully, despite the impact of the crash, there were no reported casualties or injuries resulting from the incident. (Agencies)

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