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Karnataka Assembly Speaker Suspends 10 BJP MLAs for Creating Ruckus Inside the Assembly

Demand for Discussion on Government’s IAS Officers’ Deployment Leads to Chaos (Karnataka Assembly)

Papers Thrown at Deputy Speaker in Protest

Former Chief Ministers Express Disapproval Over IAS Officers’ Involvement

Bengaluru, 19 July (City Times): Chaos erupted inside the Karnataka assembly hall as ten Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs were suspended by Assembly Speaker UT Khader for their unruly behavior during the session. The legislators insisted on discussing the government’s deployment of IAS officers to welcome opposition leaders during a recent meeting in Bengaluru.

Disruptive Demands Lead to Suspension

On Wednesday, the assembly witnessed a heated scene as the BJP MLAs vociferously called for a discussion on the controversial topic of IAS officers’ involvement in the opposition meeting. The demands for a discussion were met with resistance, and amid the chaos, papers were thrown at Deputy Speaker Rudrappa Ramani, who was presiding over the session.

Speaker UT Khader, taking strict action against the unruly behavior, decided to suspend the ten BJP MLAs involved in creating the ruckus. The suspended MLAs include Dheeraj Muniraj, Umanath Kotian, Aravind Bellad, Yashpal Suvarna, Vedvyasa Kamath, R Ashok, Sunil Kumar, Araga Jnanendra, Bharat Shetty, and Ashwathnarayan. Their suspension will remain in effect until the conclusion of the current assembly session.

Former Chief Ministers Criticize Government’s Actions

In response to the contentious situation, former chief ministers Basavaraj Bommai and HD Kumarswamy condemned the Karnataka government’s decision to deploy IAS officers for what they termed a “non-government event.” Kumarswamy, a leader of the Janata Dal Secular (JDS), accused the government of neglecting public servants’ duties, citing the lack of attention to farmer families affected by suicides.

Government’s Clarification Amid Criticisms

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, seeking to clarify the situation, asserted that the state government had no involvement in the opposition meeting held in Bengaluru. He explained that the Chief Ministers and former central ministers visiting the city were treated as state guests, and the deployment of officials was merely a matter of protocol and etiquette.

CM Siddaramaiah emphasized that the government had no role in organizing the event and that similar practices had been followed by previous administrations. Despite the government’s clarification, the issue of IAS officers’ involvement in the opposition meeting has become a point of contention, leading to unrest within the assembly.

As the suspension of the ten BJP MLAs continues to draw attention, the state assembly must strive to restore order and focus on addressing pertinent issues affecting the people of Karnataka. The political climate remains tense, and all parties involved must exhibit restraint and maturity to uphold the sanctity of the legislative process and prioritize the welfare of the state’s citizens.

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