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Rail Service Adjustments: Partial Cancellations, Stoppages Eliminated, and Train Regulations

Hubballi, 14 July(City Times): In order to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of railway operations, the South Western Railway has announced a series of adjustments to train services. These adjustments include partial cancellations, elimination of stoppages, and regulations/rescheduling of trains. The changes will be implemented due to line blocks and maintenance activities across various sections.

several trains will experience partial cancellations:

As part of the scheduled line block for de-stressing and welding work between Penukonda and Narayanapuram, several trains will experience partial cancellations. Train No. 06515/06516 KSR Bengaluru – Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam – KSR Bengaluru MEMU Express Special will be partially cancelled between Hindupur and Sri Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam from 13.07.2023 to 20.07.2023. The train will now short originate/terminate at Hindupur. Similarly, Train No. 06595/06596 KSR Bengaluru – Dharmavaram – KSR Bengaluru MEMU will be partially cancelled between Hindupur and Dharmavaram Nilayam during the same period, with the train short originating/terminating at Hindupur.

Elimination of Stoppages:

Due to the suspension of Rd-4 for ten days at Banikoppa Station for attending the electronic in motion weighbridge, certain train stoppages will be eliminated for the safety of passengers. Train No. 07394 SSS Hubballi – Hosapete DEMU, Train No. 07658 SSS Hubballi – Tirupati Special, Train No. 07337 SSS Hubballi – Guntakal Special, Train No. 07381 SSS Hubballi – Karatagi Special, and Train No. 17303 SSS Hubballi – Karatagi Special will no longer have a stoppage at Bannikoppa from the specified dates mentioned.

Regulation, Rescheduling of Trains:

A line block of 3.5 hours at Ramgiri, Hosadurga Road, Ajjampur, and Chikjajur stations will result in the regulation/rescheduling of certain trains. Train No. 16213 Arsikere – SSS Hubballi Express, on its journeys commencing from Arsikere on 14.07.2023 and 15.07.2023, will be regulated for 70 minutes en route. Train No. 17391 KSR Bengaluru – SSS Hubballi Express, scheduled to depart from KSR Bengaluru on 19.07.2023 and 26.07.2023, will be rescheduled by 45 minutes at KSR Bengaluru and regulated for 100 minutes en route. Additionally, Train No. 16214 SSS Hubballi – Arsikere Express will be rescheduled by 60 minutes at SSS Hubballi and regulated for 20 minutes en route, from 13.07.2023 to 18.07.2023 and 20.07.2023 to 25.07.2023, except on Wednesdays. Train No. 12782 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mysuru Express, on its journeys from Hazrat Nizamuddin between 17.07.2023 and 24.07.2023, will be regulated for 15 minutes en route. These changes are necessary to ensure the smooth implementation of maintenance and upgrade work on the railway tracks, leading to a safer and more efficient train travel experience for passengers.



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