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Ujjain rape case video viral: 15-year-old girl, Traumatized And Bleeding After A Brutal Rape, Was Seen Desperately Knocking on Doors, Seeking help, Main Accused An Auto Rikshaw Driver Arrested, 3 Detained, Victim’s Condition Serious but Stable

Ujjain rape case: Know Each And Every Aspect Of This Horrifying Incident: Initially, Ujjain’s Police Chief, Sachin Sharma, stated that the survivor was unable to provide her name or address. He speculated that her accent indicated she might be from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 850 kilometres away. However, this theory has been thrown into doubt. A senior police officer has revealed that the girl hails from a district in Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh,28 September(City Times):Ujjain rape case: The nation stands shocked and outraged as horrifying visuals from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, emerged. A 15-year-old girl, traumatized and bleeding after a brutal rape, was seen desperately knocking on doors, seeking help. This gruesome incident has exposed a grim reality, raising concerns about the safety of our streets. However, as the investigation unfolds, unsettling discrepancies in police statements and case documents have emerged, leaving many questions unanswered. It’s been 72 hours, and there’s still no arrest in sight. #ujjainrapecase trends on twitter after this incident.

The main suspect in the rape case of a 15-year-old girl has been detained in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. In order to gather evidence, the police had escorted the accused to the supposed site of the minor’s rape. As soon as the cops arrived, the suspect saw an opening and fled. The police caught up with him after chasing him.

Inspector Ajay Kumar Said to reporters That Today, we got to the location to… get back the girl’s clothes. Accused Bharat Soni tried to flee after spotting an opening. He was apprehended by police after they chased him. While doing this, he collapsed and he got injuries in his arms and legs on a cemented road.

Ujjain rape case: Auto Rikshaw Driver Arrested, 3 Detained

The Ujjain police swiftly took action, arresting a 38-year-old auto driver named Rakesh. CCTV footage showed the minor girl walking on foot and pleading for help during her ordeal. Auto-rickshaw driver who was questioned after authorities reviewed CCTV footage from the vicinity where the traumatized teenager sought assistance.

Video credit: ANI

Bloodstains were discovered in the vehicle, but no conclusive evidence linking the driver to the heinous act was found. Authorities are continuing their inquiries, relying on circumstantial evidence in their quest for answers. 3 More persons are also detained by Ujjain police in this case. (Ujjain rape case)

Video credit: PTI

Reports suggest that the victim initially boarded an auto at Jeevan Kheri, and a CCTV video of this moment was also obtained. Later, blood stains were discovered on the same auto, leading to a forensic examination.

Ujjain rape case survivor told police Why ran away from her home in a village in Satna

The victim told police that she was 15 years old and ran away from her home in a village in Satna on Saturday and reached Ujjain on Sunday, where she was raped by an auto driver. Police are detaining five auto drivers and interrogating them.

Sharing her ordeal with the police, the girl said, “I was fed up with my life in Satna, so I ran away in search of a better life. I reached Ujjain by bus where an auto driver raped me on Sunday evening. I fainted. On Monday morning I regained consciousness. I started walking. Seeing my condition, people were not ready to help me. After walking for 2-3 hours, a priest helped me.”

The victim’s grandfather, who works as a cattle herder, had filed a missing complaint in Satna on Sunday. Rahul Sharma, the priest who helped the girl, said that it was heart-wrenching for him to see a girl semi-nude and bleeding.

A video of the violent attack on a 12-year-old girl in Ujjain has come to light. The girl is seen riding in an automobile in this footage:

A fresh CCTV video has come to light. The young victim may be seen on the CCTV footage before to the incident. Here, at the Dewas bus stop, the girl may be seen standing. The girl motions for the driver of an automobile to stop, and as soon as it does, she boards it and rides off somewhere. According to reports, the girl travelled to Ujjain station by rail from Satna. A short distance separates the station from Dewas Bus Stand. The girl used an auto for the first time from the Dewas bus stop to get to Ujjain.

On the night of the 24th, the victim had departed from Satna. After that, on the morning of the 25th, she disembarked at Ujjain station. The police launched their inquiry as soon as the horrible occurrence involving the girl came to light. The police were informed that the girl had taken an auto from the Debas bus stop, but they were able to locate the auto driver first thanks to this camera. Police believe that the girl was violated in several locations. Police have few grounds to suspect group rape. However, the authorities believe that other people may have violated the girl in various locations.

Auto Driver’s Conflicting Tale Raises Eyebrows

In a recent shocking incident in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a 12-year-old girl was subjected to a horrifying assault, leading to her being found in a critical condition on a street. The incident has raised concerns and questions regarding the actions of the auto-rickshaw driver involved and the subsequent police investigation.

Auto Driver Claims to Aid the Victim

The auto-rickshaw driver, who was eventually apprehended with the help of CCTV footage, initially claimed in front of Madhya Pradesh Police that he had dropped the injured girl from Jeevankhedi area on Hatkeshwar road. Bloodstains were also discovered in his auto, supporting his assertion that he had assisted the blood-soaked girl and provided her with clothing to cover herself.

The Auto Driver’s Story Raises Doubts

However, the driver’s version of events has come under scrutiny by law enforcement. Questions have been raised about why he did not promptly alert the police when he found the girl in such a distressing state. Moreover, why did he not take her to a hospital for immediate medical attention? His decision to leave the victim in a desolate area has intensified suspicions. Police have stated that the auto driver may face charges under Section 201 for concealing evidence.

Multiple Vehicles Involved, Investigations Ongoing

Additionally, it has come to light that the girl was present in another auto before her ordeal. The driver of that auto and two other individuals are currently in police custody and are being interrogated. Authorities are optimistic that this extensive investigation will provide clarity on the entire matter by Thursday evening.

Victim Undergoes Surgery; Condition Serious but Stable

Meanwhile, the young girl who was subjected to this horrifying ordeal in Ujjain underwent surgery conducted by a team of expert doctors in a government hospital in Indore. The severity of her injuries to her internal organs necessitated the surgical intervention. Presently, her condition is serious but stable. She was transferred from Ujjain to a government hospital in Indore on Tuesday in critical condition.

State Home Minister Narottam Mishra statement

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has provided insights into the victim’s situation, stating that her treatment is ongoing and her condition is no longer critical. Mishra noted that the girl appears to be from an area outside Ujjain and that her ability to provide information regarding the incident is currently limited. Consequently, efforts are underway to facilitate communication with her through experts and counselors.

Video credit: ANI

Kamal Nath, demanded financial assistance of Rs 1 crore For victim

As the tragic incident unfolded, the Madhya Pradesh Congress chief, Kamal Nath, demanded both financial assistance of Rs 1 crore for the victim and the strictest possible punishment for the culprits. In a statement, Kamal Nath expressed deep concern, stating, “The kind of rape that happened to a 12-year-old daughter puts humanity to shame.” He criticized the state administration and society for such a heinous incident and called attention to the erosion of law and order in Madhya Pradesh.

In response to questions about the opposition’s criticisms, Home Minister Narottam Mishra questioned the need for a “certificate from Congress” in handling the situation and emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the matter seriously.

This heart-wrenching incident in Ujjain has drawn widespread condemnation and calls for swift justice for the young victim, raising important questions about the safety of children and the responsibilities of those in authority.

Congress leader Aradhana Misra-Mona Demanded Resignation Of Shivraj Singh Chouhan

In a fiery and impassioned statement, Congress leader Aradhana Misra-Mona, a Member of the Legislative Assembly-UP, minced no words as she addressed the heart-wrenching Ujjain minor rape case. With an unwavering voice and deep concern etched on her face, she declared, “This incident has happened because law and order has collapsed in the state.”

She didn’t stop there. Her call for accountability was resounding as she pointed a finger directly at the Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, with conviction in her words. “The CM should resign immediately,” she declared, her message echoing with urgency. Her words were more than just a demand; they were a plea, a plea for swift and decisive action to ensure the safety of the daughters of Madhya Pradesh.

Video credit: PTI

With every syllable, Aradhana Misra-Mona underscored the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate change. Her powerful statement reverberated through the corridors of power, demanding that those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting citizens must be held accountable. In a state where the safety of its children hangs in the balance, her call for action resonated deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the collective conscience

Randeep Surjewala on Ujjain rape case:

Senior Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said – “The incident in Ujjain ashamed the soul of entire Madhya Pradesh and the country,” Surjewala said in a statement to ANI. Your government, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, should hang its head in humiliation (Aapki Sarkar Ko Chullu Bhar Paani Me Dhub Ke Mar Jana Chahiye).

Video credit: ANI

“A minor daughter was raped and was let to wander the streets of Ujjain for around eight hours while bleeding profusely, and your (CM Chouhan’s) government paid no attention to it. The Congress leader enquired as to what was going on in Madhya Pradesh.

The Prayagraj Mystery

Initially, Ujjain’s Police Chief, Sachin Sharma, stated that the survivor was unable to provide her name or address. He speculated that her accent indicated she might be from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, approximately 850 kilometers away. However, this theory has been thrown into doubt. A senior police officer has revealed that the girl hails from a district in Madhya Pradesh, where she resides with her grandfather and elder brother. She is a Class VIII student who went missing on Sunday, prompting her family to file a missing person report.(Ujjain rape case)

Ujjain rape case Victim Identified By His Grandfather residing in Satna

The victim found abandoned has also been identified. A missing report of this girl was lodged in Jaitwara police station of Satna a day before the incident.

Satna’s Additional Superintendent of Police Shivesh Singh Baghel said, the girl who was raped in Ujjain is mentally retarded. She lives with her grandfather and a brother three years older than her in a village in the Jaitwara police station area of the district. Grandfather works as a goat herder and labourer. The victim’s father is insane. Mother had left home about 12 years ago.

ASP Baghel further said, a complainant had come to Jaitwara police station in Satna district to file a report on the morning of 25th September. The village elder told that his granddaughter had left home for school wearing a uniform. The distance of the school from the village is about 1.5 km. Usually she returned home by 4-4:30 in the evening. But when she did not return, searches were conducted from Jaitwara to Satna railway station.

Discovered at the house of relatives. When the girl was not found, the next morning she went to Jaitwara police station and lodged a report. Police registered a case under section 363 of IPC. After this the advertisement was released. Notification regarding the missing girl was sent to all the police stations of the state. The Superintendent of Police also announced a reward for anyone providing information about the missing person.

Then the incident came to light through the media. The photo of the girl in school dress reached Jaitwara police station in-charge. He called the complainant who had come to register a missing person. The old man identified the girl seen in the photo as his granddaughter. The old man told that the girl had gone to school wearing the same uniform. After this, a police team was sent to Mahakal police station in Ujjain. Further action is now underway in this matter.

Ujjain rape case :The Survivor’s Statement

While police initially claimed that the survivor was unable to provide any information, the First Information Report (FIR) accessed by NDTV contains a detailed statement from her describing the brutality she endured. Based on her harrowing account, the FIR includes charges related to rape and sections of the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. This FIR was officially filed on Monday, shedding light on the horrific ordeal she endured.(Ujjain rape case)

Sandeep Adhwaryu Cartoon on Ujjain rape case Titled -daughter! We feel ashamed

The cartoon’s headline is written by Sandeep Adhwaryu. girl, 12 years old. bloodied and subjected to a rape. was requesting aid. Ujjain’s locals failed to assist him. Hey Ram. What face will this civilization ultimately display? The two violent Criminals who attacked this girl have been apprehended, but what about society’s behaviour? What about the psychological injury to that girl? Will this occurrence not sadden the women whose Chand and Mangal expeditions we are singing the tales of valour for? After all, why? After all, why? Not even the door was opened. We are unable to make up for the taint that these bloodstains have left on our civilization.

Helping Hand By Acharya Rahul Sharma(Watch Video)

A priest of the Gurukul Ashram in Ujjain named Acharya Rahul Sharma assisted a young girl who had been sexually assaulted as she went door to door. He quickly took her to the hospital while draping her in a towel.

Acharya Rahul Sharma is a Poojari in Badnagar Ashram which is merely 15 Km from Ujjain city. He was going about his day. Suddenly, When he noticed something shocking near the gate of the ashram where he serves. It was a young girl, and she was in terrible shape. She didn’t have proper clothes, and she was bleeding. She couldn’t even talk because of what had happened to her. Her eyes were swollen from crying. Rahul didn’t waste a second. He gave the girl his own clothes to cover up, and then he called for help.

  • Rahul first dialed the emergency number, 100, but no one answered. So, he didn’t give up. He called the Mahakal police station and told them everything he saw. The police acted fast and came to the ashram. They were ready to find out what had happened to this poor girl.
  • During all of this, a video from a security camera showed how the girl had been walking through the streets of Ujjain. People saw her, but they didn’t know how to help. She was very scared of everyone she met.
  • She wanted to talk, but fear had taken her voice away. With lots of patience and kind words, Rahul managed to get some information from her. She told him her name and a little bit about her family. That small bit of information was a ray of hope in a very dark situation. Rahul gave her his clothes to protect her dignity until the police arrived. The ashram, which is usually a peaceful place, became a safe haven for this brave girl during her tough journey.

Prior Missing Report

Sachin Sharma, Police Superintendent of Satna, revealed that a missing report for the minor girl had been filed a day before the incident was discovered.

Questioning of Individuals

The girl reportedly encountered five individuals at different locations during her ordeal, and the police are currently questioning all of them. One of the three individuals detained is also an auto driver.

Ujjain rape case : A Journey of 700 Kilometers

Recent information suggests that the girl hails from a district in Madhya Pradesh, more than 700 kilometers away from Ujjain, where she was discovered. Ujjain’s Police Chief, Sachin Sharma, indicated that she left her home district on Sunday afternoon, embarking on a journey that typically takes approximately 12 hours. Shockingly, this terrible incident came to light the following morning. Upon reaching Ujjain, she was found wandering the streets in distress.

Akhilesh Yadav said- Such Incidents are extremely regrettable

Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP), comments on the Ujjain minor girl rape case: “The situation that transpired with the 12-year-old girl is really terrible. These things that are happening now are extremely regrettable. The government ought to act decisively. This government needs to explain what it did to improve women’s security during its 20 years in office. How did Manipur fare? Women were stripped and paraded without clothing…According to data, women are least safe in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. We call for tough action. The government is in charge of making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Video credt: ANI

Delhi Commission for Women React on Ujjain rape case

According to Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), a 12-year-old girl was raped in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.The offender should be detained right away by MP Police…that are the folks that refused to assist a young 12-year-old girl who was wounded and nude and screaming for help? Should not such individuals be punished?

Video credit: ANI

Maliwal Said- What kind of country are we creating? Action should also be taken against such individuals. Such people should be executed, and the case should be heard in Fastrack court. How will our girls be saved and educated if similar occurrences continue to occur every other day? I would urge swift action and the detention of the accused without delay.

Ujjain rape case: CCTV Footage

As the investigation progresses, new CCTV footage has emerged, shedding light on the survivor’s movements. She can be seen in one set of footage, recorded at 3 am, wearing her school uniform. However, in subsequent footage, taken only hours later, she is found semi-naked and bleeding. This sequence of events suggests that the horrendous crime occurred early on Monday morning.

Priyanka Gandhi Condemned The Ujjain Rape Case:

Priyanka Gandhi wrote on X in Hindi, “The violence meted out to a small girl in Ujjain, the city of Lord Mahakal, is soul-shattering. After the torture, she spent 2.5 hours travelling from door to door looking for assistance until passing out on the road and unable to find assistance. Is this the level of law and order and safety for women in Madhya Pradesh? In the 20 years of the BJP’s misrule, girls, women, tribals, and Dalits have not been protected, according to the Congress general secretary.

Priyanka Gandhi criticised the BJP administration, questioning the point of making election announcements in the name of “Ladli Behna” if the girls cannot even receive safety and assistance.

Ujjain rape case : A Cry for Help

The heart-wrenching visuals of the girl knocking on doors for help, only to be turned away, have ignited nationwide outrage. One disturbing clip shows a man shooing her away as she approaches him, her semi-naked and bloodied state apparent. However, Ujjain’s Police Officer Sharma contends that not everyone refused assistance.

“There were mixed responses. Some people did help her by providing financial assistance. A toll booth staff member also came to her aid,” he stated. Regarding the instances where the girl was turned away, he explained, “Some individuals may have had reservations, but they did assist her financially. When we found her, she had ₹ 120 with her.” The girl was finally taken to the hospital after a priest from a nearby ashram alerted the police.

Maintaining Victim’s Identity Confidentiality

The authorities have not disclosed the identities of those detained in connection with the case, in order to protect the victim’s privacy. This distressing incident highlights the importance of swift police action and the use of CCTV footage in criminal investigations. The ongoing inquiry aims to bring justice to the victim and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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