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Carriage Workshop Matunga Achieves Unprecedented Record in Railway History: A Triumph 0f Innovation and Excellence

Record-Breaking Achievement, setting New Standards in Rail Infrastructure with POH of 205 mainline coaches and 56 EMU coaches in a single month, October 2023. (Carriage Workshop Matunga)

Mumbai, 02 Nov (City Times) : (Carriage Workshop Matunga) : In a monumental display of engineering prowess and ground-breaking innovation, Carriage Workshop Matunga has etched its name in the annals of railway history. The workshop’s astounding achievement, recorded in October 2023, has set a new pinnacle in railway infrastructure and rolling stock production. In a remarkable feat, they have successfully undertaken Periodic Overhauling (POH) of an impressive 205 Mainline coaches and 56 EMU coaches, an unprecedented achievement in the storied history of Matunga Workshop.

This remarkable milestone underscores the unwavering commitment of Carriage Workshop Matunga to excellence, the well-being of its dedicated staff, and the relentless pursuit of cutting-edge advancements that are revolutionizing the future of rail transportation.

Established in 1915, Carriage Workshop Matunga was originally conceived as a repair facility for broad gauge and narrow gauge coaches and wagons of the erstwhile Great Indian Peninsular (GIP) Railway. Throughout its illustrious journey, the workshop has accumulated a long list of accolades, continually pushing the boundaries of possibility. Presently, the workshop is engaged in comprehensive maintenance activities encompassing ICF, LHB, EMU/MEMU coaches, and the conversion of coaches.

Carriage Workshop Matunga has forged a legacy of excellence in railway coach manufacturing, making significant contributions to India’s evolving railway infrastructure. Their journey has been characterized by pioneering initiatives, the establishment of new benchmarks, and the delivery of safe and comfortable travel experiences to passengers.

At the heart of Workshop Matunga’s operations lies an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of its workforce, recognizing that they are the workshop’s most invaluable asset.

The workshop has introduced a range of initiatives to ensure the well-being of its staff, including the provision of fall arresters for staff working on coach roofs, the deployment of Boom Lifts, the introduction of MITRAH (Mobile Indigenous Transverse Frame with Rolling Base for Anchoring of Safety Harness), NDRF mock drills, safety seminars, and training sessions for railway staff and contract laborers. Furthermore, first-aid training and seminars by the Medical Department, safety toolbox talks, fire-fighting training in various shops, a week-long safety drive, and refresher training for contract laborers are some of the comprehensive safety measures implemented.

This year, Carriage Workshop Matunga has achieved remarkable successes, including the conversion of ICF coaches into NMGHS coaches with an innovative Ball Transfer Unit (BTU) arrangement, reducing the physical effort required for load handling. This initiative aligns with the “Rail Post Gati Shakti” program, a Joint Parcel Product (JPP) service aimed at seamlessly integrating postal and railway networks for efficient parcel movement.

The workshop has also demonstrated its versatility and adaptability by transforming an EMU rake into specialized Muck Special Rakes, tailored to evolving railway needs. This specialized EMU rake now plays a vital role in the Mumbai suburban section, facilitating the swift transportation of garbage collected from railway tracks with its rapid back-and-forth movement.

Looking ahead, Carriage Workshop Matunga plans to enhance its coach maintenance capabilities further by embracing advanced technologies for upcoming rakes, including Vande Bharat and other conversion coaches, with the aim of achieving even higher production levels and product quality.

In a conscientious effort to combat environmental pollution, the workshop organized a remarkable event on World Environment Day, June 5th, 2023, wherein they planted an astonishing 751 trees in just one minute within the premises of Matunga workshop. Additionally, to foster team spirit and reduce work-related stress, the workshop hosts activities such as box cricket, ensuring that their workforce is well-rounded and fulfilled.

Shri. Vivek Acharya, the Chief Workshop Manager of Carriage Workshop Matunga, has emphasized that this unparalleled achievement in the railway industry is a tribute to the tireless dedication and unwavering commitment of the workshop’s staff and officers. It reflects their shared vision to continually push the boundaries of technology and innovation while upholding the highest standards of staff health and safety.

Carriage Workshop Matunga established in 1915, an emblem of excellence in railway coach manufacturing, is renowned for its pioneering contributions to the development of India’s railway infrastructure. With a rich legacy of achievements and an unwavering commitment to innovation, the workshop continues to redefine the future of rail transportation. 

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