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Central Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day with Triumphs and Aspirations, Reflecting Unyielding Commitment to Progress, joyful and pride moment

Central Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day : General Manager Naresh Lalwani Extends Warm Greetings and Illuminates Central Railway’s Astounding Milestones

Mumbai, August 15 (City Times): (Central Railway Celebrates 77th Independence Day) Central Railway, a stalwart in India’s transportation landscape, celebrated the 77th Independence Day with exuberance, rekindling the spirit of freedom and progress. The festivities were graced by an eloquent address from General Manager Naresh Lalwani, who extended heartfelt greetings to the dedicated Railway personnel, their families, and esteemed patrons. In an inspiring discourse, he shed light on Central Railway’s remarkable achievements and unveiled a vision of dynamic aspirations.

Embarking on an Evolutionary Voyage

Central Railway’s journey from its humble beginnings, marked by a modest 33-kilometer track connecting Boribunder to Thane, to its current stature as a robust railway system, resonates with transformative growth. Its sprawling network now encompasses 4,203 route kilometers, interconnecting diverse regions through an intricate web of 466 stations. The heartbeat of Mumbai’s suburban network, Central Railway operates a staggering 1810 EMU services, a testament to its intricate operations and steadfast service to the public.

A Freight Legacy: Setting Unprecedented Records

Central Railway’s dedication to freight transportation culminated in monumental achievements. The 2022-23 fiscal year witnessed a historic freight loading of 81.9 million tonnes, accompanied by an impressive freight revenue of Rs. 8439 Crores. This extraordinary feat translates to a remarkable 7.5% and 15% escalation, respectively, over the preceding year. The prowess of Central Railway in this domain underlines its pivotal role in facilitating trade and bolstering economic growth.

Passenger-Centric Excellence: A Journey of Distinction

Acknowledging passengers as the lifeblood of its operations, Central Railway went above and beyond to deliver unparalleled service. Amidst regular operations, Central Railway orchestrated 2122 special train trips, effectively addressing surges in demand and accommodating diverse travel needs. The Passenger revenue surged to Rs. 2300 Crores between April and July 2023, showcasing an impressive 19% expansion compared to the same period last year. Central Railway’s Ticket Checking revenue experienced a commendable 42% spike, emerging as a benchmark across all Zonal Railways.

Safety: A Cornerstone of Progress

Elevating safety as a top priority, Central Railway instituted rigorous measures to enhance operational and maintenance protocols. The commissioning of 18 Road over and 36 Road under bridges significantly contributed to the elimination of 38 Level Crossing gates. Simultaneously, the successful completion of rebuilding 51 bridges and the integration of electronic interlocking systems across 16 stations underscored Central Railway’s unwavering commitment to passenger safety.

In a pioneering endeavor to curb Signal Passing at Danger incidents, Mumbai Division introduced an AI-backed RS Valve simulator model. Housed at the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus lobby, this innovation equips Assistant Loco Pilots (ALPs) with invaluable insights into braking patterns and distances, thereby fortifying their operational acumen.

Sustainability and Horizons Explored

In alignment with global sustainability goals, Central Railway aspires to become a Net Zero Carbon emitter by 2030. An instrumental stride toward this vision materialized through a Power Purchase Agreement with M/s. NTPC Renewal Energy Ltd., facilitating the acquisition of 500 MW of green renewable energy for Traction Power (Solar and Wind) over a span of 25 years.

Central Railway’s relentless pursuit of infrastructure expansion witnessed the commissioning of a record-breaking 182.3 kilometers of new lines. Additionally, a remarkable milestone of achieving 100% Railway Electrification on all Broad Gauge routes was attained. Notably, Central Railway invested a substantial ` 9936 Crores in infrastructure projects, marking a commendable 31% increase over the preceding year.

Sports: Fostering Excellence and Pride

Central Railway’s commitment to sports yielded inspiring achievements, with its sports body nurturing 450 active athletes excelling across 40 diverse sports. In a display of dedication and talent, Ms. Manisha Dange clinched the esteemed ‘Global Women Inspiration Award’ for 2023. The weightlifting and athletics domains witnessed stellar performances, with Ms. Vanshita Verma securing a gold medal and Shri Harshal Wadekar earning a silver medal in the Commonwealth Weight Lifting Championship 2023. Shri Abhishek Paul and Ms. Ankita secured bronze medals in athletics at the 25th Asian Championship 2023.

A Resounding Tribute and Appreciation

General Manager Naresh Lalwani extended heartfelt gratitude to the resolute Railway personnel, lauding their unwavering dedication, dutiful commitment, and tireless endeavors that have propelled Central Railway to new heights. He acknowledged the invaluable support of trade unions, associations, and committees, all of whom played an indispensable role in elevating Central Railway’s accomplishments to unparalleled heights.

In his parting words, Naresh Lalwani called upon Railway personnel to transcend the call of duty, extending courtesy and respect to customers. With collective efforts, he envisioned Central Railway’s continued ascent towards progress, firmly believing in its vital role in steering Indian Railways to new thresholds of achievement.

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