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Outrage in Raipur: Agitators Stage Nude Protest Over Fake Caste Certificates

The protesters resorted to nude protest after their appeals went unheard

  • Protesters detained as they march towards state assembly holding placards.
  • Frustration over lack of action against 267 government employees with forged SC/ST certificates.
  • Shocking protest captured on social media, sparking public outrage and debate.
Summary: In Raipur, a group of men staged a nude protest demanding action against individuals who secured government jobs using fake caste certificates. Despite a previous inquiry identifying hundreds of such cases, no action had been taken. The protesters resorted to this bold demonstration after their appeals went unheard. The incident gained attention through social media videos, sparking public outrage and discussions about the appropriateness of their protest method. Authorities must address the issue promptly and take action against those involved to restore public confidence in the employment system.

Raipur, Chattisgarh,18 July(City Times): A shocking incident unfolded in Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, as a group of men from the Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribes communities staged a bold nude protest. They demanded that action should be intiated against individuals who secured government jobs using fraudulent caste certificates. The protest, which took place during the state assembly’s monsoon session, drew attention as images and videos circulated on social media platforms. The police intervened, apprehending over a dozen protesters who were marching towards the legislative assembly.

Outrage Over Employment Fraud:

In a daring move, men from marginalized communities stripped naked and rallied towards the state assembly, holding placards demanding accountability for government employees who secured jobs through fake caste certificates. The protesters performing nude protest were detained near Ama Seoni’s turn, with the senior superintendent of police, Prashant Agrawal, highlighting their demonstration as “obscene” in nature.

Calls for Action Fall on Deaf Ears:

The protesters expressed their frustration at the state government’s failure to address their concerns. Despite an inquiry committee identifying 267 government employees who obtained jobs using forged SC/ST certificates, no action has been taken against them so far. Previous hunger strikes to demand justice proved futile, leading to the decision to escalate their protest by resorting to a nude demonstration. The demonstrators now demand the immediate arrest of those with fake caste certificates and the seizure of any acquired properties.

Shockwaves as Videos Spread Online:

The nude protest stunned onlookers, who recorded videos of the naked protesters marching and raising slogans on the streets. These videos quickly spread across various social media platforms, amplifying the outrage and drawing attention to the pressing issue of fraudulent caste certificates in securing government jobs. The public’s reactions varied, with some expressing solidarity while others debated the appropriateness of the protest method.

widespread misuse of quotas:

Meanwhile, Vinay Kaushal, the spokesperson for the Sangharsh Samitee in the SC/ST category fake caste certificate case emphasized that reports from various government ministries reveal the widespread misuse of quotas meant for SC and ST categories in both government jobs and political positions since the formation of the state. To address the gravity of this issue, the state administration has established a high-level caste certificate verification committee.

Exploitation of reservation benefits

The protesters, through their nude protest, seek to draw attention to the rampant misuse of reserved quotas and the necessity for a thorough examination of caste certificates. Their demand for justice stems from a larger concern of ensuring fair opportunities for marginalized communities and preventing the exploitation of reservation benefits.

Demand for ensuring equal opportunities for all:

In response to the seriousness of the matter, the state administration’s establishment of the verification committee is a step towards addressing the deep-rooted problem of fake caste certificates. The protesters hope that this committee will diligently investigate the cases, take appropriate action against those found guilty, and restore the integrity of reserved quotas, thereby ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Stringent measures needed to prevent such malpractices:
The nude protest in Raipur brought attention to the rampant issue of individuals securing government jobs through fraudulent caste certificates. The demonstrators, from marginalized communities, took drastic measures to demand justice for this employment fraud. As the incident unfolds, authorities must address their grievances and take decisive action against those involved. The shocking protest has ignited public discourse and shed light on the urgent need for stringent measures to prevent such malpractices in the future.

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