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Rajasthani Olympiad 2023 Grand Finale Inaugurated by Chennai’s Mayor Priya Rajan; Unites 1400 Students in a Grand Celebration

Rajasthani Olympiad 2023: Over 1400 students from around 25 Rajasthani schools, nearly 50 Rajasthani organizations, and Jinendra Jyoti-Differently Abled Children also took part

Chennai,27August (City Times): The Rajasthani Association Tamilnadu(RAJAT) hosted the Grand Finale of the first Rajasthani Olympiad 2023 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium’s Periamet ground on Sunday, August 27. The event was inaugurated by Ms. Priya Rajan, the Honorable Mayor of Greater Corporation of Chennai, along with esteemed guests Commandant, Border Security Force, Mr. Kuldeep Chowdhary, Principal Commissioner of Income Tax, Tamil Nadu and Pondy, Mr. Sunil Mathur, CEO of Tablets (India) Ltd., R.K.Jhanwar accompanied by India’s national cricket team selector and player Sreedharan Sharath, digital entrepreneur Mrs. India Top Model Barkha Shah and more prominent figures.

Promoting Unity and Progress through RAJAT

The Rajasthani Association Tamilnadu, founded in 1967, aims to foster harmony, goodwill, and socio-economic progress among various communities. The Rajasthani Community in Tamilnadu actively contributes to education, healthcare, and upliftment of the underprivileged.

A Day of Diversity and Sportsmanship

The Grand Finale witnessed a diverse array of activities such as flag hoisting, March past, Olympic torch relay, oath-taking, aerobics performances, athletics, and track and field games. Over 1400 students from around 25 Rajasthani schools, nearly 50 Rajasthani organizations, and Jinendra Jyoti-Differently Abled Children also took part, promoting inclusivity.

Strengthening Bonds Through Sports

Mr. Mohanlal Bajaj, President of Rajasthani Association Tamilnadu, emphasized the deep-rooted connection between Rajasthani society and Tamil Nadu. The event highlighted the role of sports in uniting different sections of society, from children to youth to women, while strengthening the association’s role in community service.

Celebrating Community Service
The event not only celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship but also served as a platform to recognize the efforts of various Rajasthani institutions and societies in uplifting society, regardless of religious or linguistic differences.

Coming Together for a Unified Society

In attendance were key figures of the Rajasthani Association Tamilnadu, including President Mohanlal Bajaj, Incoming President Praveen Tatia, Olympiad Chairman Ashok Kumar Mundra, Secretary Gen. Devraj Achaa, Treasurer CA Gouthamchand Daga, Convenor Dr. Nirmal Nahta, Co-Convenor Ajay Nahar, Joint Secretary Gyanchand Kothari and Co-Chairman Anurag Maheshwari.The Grand Finale of Rajasthani Olympiad 2023 not only brought together athletes but also underscored the unity and activism within the society.

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