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Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue: Live Updates: Evacuation Started, All 41 Workers Free Now; 17 Days Long Rescue Successful, Workers Family Delighted, Jaykara Echoes

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue: 41 Laborers Freed from Silkyara-Dandalgaon Tunnel in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue: Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue: Illuminate emotional aspects families anticipation, a mother’s hope, and experts’ prayers.

Uttarkashi, 28 November(City Times): Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue : In a remarkable turn of events, all 41 laborers who had been trapped in the Silkyara-Dandalgaon Tunnel in Uttarakhand since November 12 have been successfully rescued. The first laborer emerged at 7:50 pm, marking a breakthrough for the rescue team. Harpal Singh, a member of the rescue team, announced the breakthrough at 7:05 pm.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami spoke to the Rescued workers

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, accompanied by Union Minister VK Singh, spoke to the Rescued workers, expressing relief and joy. The workers, visibly elated at their second chance at life, were welcomed by the Chief Minister and the Union Minister. Naseem, a manual driller from the Navyug company, reported that all workers were in good health, capturing the triumphant moment with a selfie. rescue mission at the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi became Grand Success.

NDMAuthority outlined the post-rescue plan

Lt. Gen. (Retd) Syed Ata Hasanan of the National Disaster Management Authority outlined the post-rescue plan, including the construction of a ramp inside the tunnel for evacuation. A green corridor was established from the tunnel to the hospital in Chinyalisaur, ensuring swift transportation of the rescued workers to the 41-bed special hospital.

Rat Miners played Important Role in Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue

Despite challenges, the rescue team, including rat miners engaged in horizontal drilling, excavated 12 meters in 21 hours, demonstrating unwavering determination. The rescue operation faced a setback when the auger machine broke, but the army and rat miners were called in to resume drilling.

Workers Transported To The Hospital

As the workers are transported to the hospital, their families, filled with hope, eagerly await their reunion after 17 days of anxiety. The successful rescue is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the rescue teams and a moment of joy amid the challenges faced in the mountainous terrain of Uttarakhand.

Evacuation Started Tuesday Evening. 1st Ambulance Entered in the Tunnel In Tuesday Evening. 41 Workers became Free After 17 Long days. 17 Days Rescue is grand Successful, Workers came Out in Batch of 4. Official confirmed that All the workers are free now. After 17 days of intense efforts and challenges, the trapped 41 workers see the light of day.

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Successful

The Announcement and Social Media Revelation:

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, taking to social media, expressed gratitude for the tireless efforts, divine grace, and the prayers of millions. The Chief Minister declared the successful laying of pipes for worker extraction, instilling hope across the nation. Dhami reassured that the labor brothers would soon breathe the air of freedom.

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Discrepancy and Clarifications:

However, Mahmood Ahmed, MD of NHIDCL, the tunnel’s builder, initially refrained from confirming the completion, mentioning the ongoing insertion of the last pipe. In a press conference in Delhi, Lt. Gen. (retd) Syed Ata, a member of NDMA, clarified that though close to success, the final two meters were being excavated by hand, emphasizing that success was yet to be officially declared.

Uttarakhand Tunnel Evacuation Strategy and Medical Preparations:

With cautious optimism prevailing, a detailed evacuation plan emerged. A temporary health center within the tunnel with eight beds was set up for immediate medical attention post-evacuation. Each worker, positioned on wheeled stretchers, would be pulled out with ropes—a meticulous process estimated to take two to three hours. Post-evacuation, workers would be transported to the nearby Chinyalisaur Community Health Center, equipped with a dedicated ward of 41 beds.

Uttarakhand Tunnel Evacuation Anticipation and Commotion:

As the news of impending success circulated, anticipation and commotion surrounded the tunnel. Ambulances stood ready to transport workers to the hospital, and the existing road was promptly repaired for swift ambulance access. The atmosphere outside the tunnel echoed with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ chants as a collective sigh of relief seemed imminent.

Chris Cooper’s Insight and Evolving Strategies:

Chris Cooper, leading the Larson & Tuberco team, optimistically predicted the workers’ emergence by 5 pm. Vertical drilling, previously explored as an alternative, was halted in favor of horizontal drilling using a robust 25-tonne American auger machine. When machine-related challenges arose, a shift to manual drilling and pipe installation ensued, led by 12 ‘rat hole’ experts.

Emotional Voices and the Wait’s End:

Outside the tunnel, emotions ran high. Chaudhary, waiting for his son Manjeet, spoke of authorities assuring arrangements for family members to reunite with the workers. Jaimal Singh Negi, brother of another trapped worker, expressed joy, noting the authorities’ instructions to prepare belongings for the workers’ return.

In the heart of this mountainous challenge, a community’s resilience, expert coordination, and technological adaptability converge. As the nation holds its breath, hope prevails that soon, the trapped workers will emerge into the light, marking the end of a challenging chapter in Uttarakhand’s history.

Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Overview:

As of the latest updates, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and various rescue teams are working tirelessly to reach the trapped workers. Here’s a chronological sequence of events and key information:

1. Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Current Progress:

  • Lieutenant General (Retd.) Syed Ata Hasnain, NDMA member, indicates a breakthrough is imminent.
  • Vertical drilling has reached 55.3 meters; manual drilling is progressing successfully.

2. Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Evacuation Plan:

  • Estimated time to evacuate each worker is 3-5 minutes; full evacuation may take 3-4 hours.
  • Three NDRF teams inside the tunnel for evacuation, supported by SDRF and paramedics.

3. Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Helicopter Arrangements:

  • Chinook helicopter on standby for worker airlift from Chinyalisaur airstrip.
  • Evacuation to resume next morning due to flight restrictions.

Live Updates:

[16:32 IST] Helicopter Status:

Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain provides an update on the Chinook helicopter present at Chinyalisaur airstrip, emphasizing the deadline for flight operations.

[16:25 IST] Progress Update:

Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain notes progress at 58 meters, expressing hope for imminent breakthrough after the next 2 meters.

[15:49 IST] Medical Preparations:

Temporary medical facility expanded inside the tunnel; health training and 8-bed setup for post-evacuation medical care.

[15:28 IST] Family’s Emotional Wait:

A mother from Khirabera village expresses her anticipation and emotional journey as she awaits her son’s rescue.

[15:05 IST] Drone Visuals:

Latest drone visuals showcase the ongoing rescue operation, adding a visual dimension to the intensity of efforts.

[14:51 IST] National Concern:

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami assures on Twitter that all workers will be rescued soon; Assam CM monitors well-being of workers from his state.

[13:56 IST] Expert Prayers:

International tunneling expert Arnold Dix joins in prayer for the safe evacuation of trapped workers.

[13:24 IST] Breakthrough News:

Significant progress as 55.3 meters of the pipe is pushed; expectations rise for breakthrough by evening. Himalayan Tunnel Rescue or Silkyara Tunnel Update will be provided regularly by authorities. NHIDCL tunnel construction, Worker Evacuation Plan, Trapped Workers Update, Rat-Hole Miners NDMA Updates all is provided by this article.

[12:46 IST] Arnold Dix’s Perspective:

Renowned tunneling expert Arnold Dix provides insights into the ongoing rescue operation and expresses positivity.


The unfolding rescue operation in Uttarakhand remains a beacon of hope amid challenges. As the nation awaits the safe return of the trapped workers, every effort is being made to ensure their well-being. Stay tuned for more live updates as the situation develops.

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