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Collector Shocked: Surprising Scene in Vellore: Woman’s Unexpected Gesture Leaves Collector Astonished!

Collector Shocked During Grievance Adjudication Meeting in Vellore District

Vellore, 17 August(City Times): Collector Shocked: A rather unexpected incident transpired in Vellore that left onlookers and officials taken aback. It occurred during the weekly grievance adjudication meeting at the Vellore District Collectorate. This regular gathering witnesses individuals from various corners of the district airing their concerns and submitting petitions to the District Collector Kumaravel Pandian, ranging from matters like pension requests to land-related disputes and complaints against government officials.

Calls for Action:
The petitions often prompt departmental inquiries, especially those involving government personnel. On the day in question, the People’s Grievance Day meeting was underway at the Kaithe Millat Arena. The public was presenting their petitions to the government officials gathered.During this Collector Shocked by the behaviour of an women.

An Unexpected Gesture:
During this session, an incident occurred that caught everyone by surprise. A woman who had come to file a petition for a house plot suddenly attempted to fall at the feet of District Collector Kumaravel Pandian. However, the district collector, seemingly shocked by this gesture, managed to prevent her from doing so. He tapped her gently on the head and conveyed that such actions weren’t necessary.

Official Response:
Immediate action was taken by nearby government officials who reassured the woman that her petition would be addressed. The incident caused a brief stir in the area as news of the woman’s unexpected attempt to seek attention spread. This unusual incident added a unique twist to the routine grievance adjudication meeting, leaving attendees and officials discussing the surprising turn of events.

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