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ISRO: India’s Thriving Space Ambitions: ISRO Successfully Launches PSLV-C56 Rocket with 7 Singaporean Satellites

Enhancing Global Collaborations: Singaporean Satellites Launched on India’s PSLV-C56 Rocket (ISRO)

Chennai, 30 July (City Times): In this mission, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched the PSLV C56 DS SAR, a dedicated commercial mission of NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) for ST Engineering Singapore. D. Radhakrishnan said We have many international customers but when we say dedicated launch then it means all satellites will be for the same coutomer or country. This is the fourth dedicated launch. Dedicated launch means full capacity given to them. Speaking exclusively with DD News NewSpace India limited chairman and Managing director D. Radhakrishnan said that with Singapore we started working in 2015 and are still going on. 

We are in talks with many other countries and clients. couple of contracts for PSLV, GSLV and many more, you can expect the next commercial launch by the end of this year. A lot of co passengers, launch will happen soon in the coming days.

NSIL’s main activity is to launch satellites. we are in discussion with europe, USA also with many other countries including Asian countries. 

PSLV C56 DS SAR is a dedicated commercial mission of NewSpace India limited for ST engineering Singapore. DS SAR is a Radar imaging earth orbital satellite which is developed in partnership with DSTA a Singapore government organisation and ST engineering. in addition to this there are six co passenger satellites developed by Singapore based organisations. 

The satellite would be injected in a 535 km circular and 5 degree orbital inclination. after successfully injecting the satellite the upper part of the rocket would be placed in lower orbit for reduced orbital life.

This is the 58th flight of PSLV and 17th flight of the core alone configuration. this PsLV launch is accomplished from the first launchpad of Sri Hari koti. DS SAR carries a synthetic aperture radar payload developed by Israel aerospace industries to provide all weather day and night coverage and capable of imaging 1m resolution at full polarimetry.

DS SAR would be used to support imagery requirements of various government agencies of Singapore. ST engineering will use it for multi modal and higher imagery and geospatial services for their clients. The height of the vehicle is 44.4 m. the length is 20 m. 

The other passenger satellite is velox Am microsatellite developed by Nanyang technological University for technology demonstration of additive manufacturing of playlods.

ARCADE is a microsatellite designed by Nanyang technological University, Singapore in collaboration with the INSPIRE consortium. ARCADE carries iodine based solid propellant propulsion modules, based on hall effect thrusters for orbit maintenance during the low orbit mission. 

SCOOB 2 was designed and developed by a student team at a satellite research centre, Nanyang technological University, Singapore. this satellite is designed for a six months mission lifetime. 

NuLion developed by NuSpace 

Galassia 2 is an educational 3 u nanosatelite by National University of Singapore. the main mission of this is to perform an inter satellite link with Teleos1.

ORB-12 strider is developed under an international collaboration, coordination by Singapore based AlIENA, including orbital astronautic as bus providers and AUrora propulsion technologies as subsystem codevlopers.

News By – Ritesh Ranjan

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