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Land Consolidation Act: Anbumani Ramadoss Urges Tamil Nadu Government to Revoke This New Act;Claimed It will Have Negative Impact on 15,000 water Bodies of State

The Bill On Tamil Nadu Land Consolidation Act (for Special Projects), 2023 on the state’s water bodies was Cleared Recently By Governor RN Ravi

Chennai, 26 August(City Times): Land Consolidation Act: Anbumani Ramadoss, the president of PMK, has raised concerns about the potential negative consequences of the Tamil Nadu Land Consolidation (for Special Projects) Act, 2023 on the state’s water bodies. He has strongly urged the state government to reconsider and withdraw this Act.

Expressing Concern Over the Impact

Land Consolidation Act: Anbumani Ramadoss expressed his shock and dismay over the approval granted by the Governor to the Bill that was passed on April 21. According to him, the Act could lead to adverse outcomes, and its purpose seems unnecessary and perilous. He asserted that the Act seems to be designed to facilitate the transfer of land with water bodies to private companies. He also mentioned that he had voiced his opposition to the draft Bill when it was introduced in the Assembly. Anbumani Ramadoss emphasized that the Act, which is likely to affect water resources and agriculture, was passed without proper deliberation or debate.

Warning of Impending Water Body Loss

The PMK president cautioned that Tamil Nadu’s water bodies could be in jeopardy within a few years due to the implementation of the Act after receiving the Governor’s approval. He highlighted the drastic decline in the number of lakes in the state over the past few decades. Once having a total of 41,127 lakes with a collective storage capacity of 347 TMC (Thousand Million Cubic Feet), the current count stands at around 15,000. Anbumani Ramadoss stressed that if the government is genuinely concerned about preserving the remaining lakes, it should take decisive action to revoke the Land Consolidation Act.

Appeal for Immediate Action

Anbumani Ramadoss concluded by urging the government to take prompt steps to address the potential threat to water bodies by reconsidering and withdrawing the Act. He underscored the importance of safeguarding the state’s natural resources, particularly its water bodies, for the well-being of its citizens and future generations.

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