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Tasmac Raises Prices of Imported Liquor, Affects Tipplers in Tamil Nadu

Impact on Imported Beer and Liquor Varieties (Tasmac)

Chennai, 19 July (City Times): In a recent development, the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited (Tasmac) has increased the maximum retail prices (MRP) of imported foreign liquor and liquor varieties sourced from other states. This move has left tipplers with a higher bill to pay for their favorite drinks, with prices going up by up to Rs 320.

Impact on Imported Beer and Liquor Varieties

According to the revised MRP list issued by Tasmac, beer enthusiasts will experience a nominal increase of Rs 10 for 330 ml tin and Rs 20 for 500 ml tins of foreign beer varieties. However, the prices of vodka, whisky, gin, and rum have seen significant hikes. For 700 and 750 ml bottles, prices have gone up by Rs 240, while the one-liter bottles now cost Rs 320 more. The reason behind the price hike is attributed to the rise in the special fee for agents of imported liquors.

Availability Concerns and Limited Choices

Despite having a comprehensive MRP list of over 500 imported liquor varieties and brands, a mere 10% of these options are available at retail shops. Tipplers have expressed their frustration, as the imported liquors are sold only at specific outlets, previously referred to as Elite shops, located in malls and a select few shopping complexes.

Hike in Prices of Liquor from Other States

Tasmac has not limited the price hikes to just imported liquors; liquor varieties procured from other states have also witnessed an increase. Although 18 liquor varieties have become costlier by up to Rs 320, industry sources reveal that only three of these varieties are widely available at all retail shops. For instance, the price of 100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky, previously sold at Rs 460 per 180 ml, has been revised to Rs 520. Similarly, Globus wine’s price has gone up from Rs 140 to Rs 170 per 180 ml.

Consumer Response and Challenges Ahead

The price hikes have elicited mixed reactions from consumers, especially those who prefer imported or specialized liquor varieties. Many tipplers are now reevaluating their preferences due to the costlier options. While Tasmac aims to optimize its revenue and manage the economic impact, the limited availability of certain imported and other state liquors remains a concern. (tasmac news


As tipplers adapt to the new pricing, Tasmac will be closely monitoring the market response and assessing the overall impact on sales and revenue. The future trajectory of liquor sales in Tamil Nadu will be shaped by consumer behavior, regulatory policies, and market dynamics. For now, the higher costs have left enthusiasts with fewer choices and a lighter wallet.

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